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Instagram Now Allows Multiple Photos to be Displayed in a Publication

Instagram is that trendy network where everyone uploads pictures of ice cream when the sun is out and pictures of snow when it’s cold that are so successful. Now the social network continues to grow and ways to see how to monetize all those users, so it continues now to allow uploading carousels of photos with a link to a website.

Instagram expands publishing possibilities

Thus this small photo album framed in a single publication in the dehaboard or timeline are added to the novelties previously implemented as sponsored images that implemented long ago. In this way, Instagram expands the possibilities of storytelling . These movements are the normal way to somehow exploit the services.

Instagram Now Allows Multiple Photos to be Displayed in a Publication
Instagram Now Allows Multiple Photos to be Displayed in a Publication

This new service incorporates a button in the publications that redirects us to where the author wants, usually a content that will expand the information of what we are seeing or even buy it, something that many advertisers demand from time immemorial to take advantage of their fans.

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The fact that the social network only offered images and text was becoming quite old-fashioned for brands with followers who saw how they did not make a profit or turned clicks into what they wanted. If a few months ago we saw that Instangram launched Hyperlapse this other step in the line of improvements implemented in the App.

The negative part of this will reach users who will see how publications are filled with advertising since more and more brands are betting on showing their content on social networks.

The implemented carousels are integrated in the timeline or wall of each user , in the lower part of the publication we can observe diverse points that indicate us the number of photographies with which the publication counts. If we see 5 points it means that there are 4 more photos apart from the one we are looking at.

To scroll through the new Instagram releases, simply slide your finger over the entire release without having to change releases. Something very similar to what Facebook currently offers on its wall. The button with the link we mentioned above will appear in the last picture with the text “Know more” and that acts as a link to take us to buy the product, more information or any website.

The Instagram web browser

Facebook style Instagram will also have its own web browser. This browser will be activated when we press the “Learn more” button, so that the user does not leave the application to access content, sales or publications. This way, just by clicking on the button that appears on the top left, we will return to our timeline or wall to continue viewing photos and publications.

The good part for the user is that this way when grouping posts your wall will not be cluttered with repetitive posts that may be grouped into one. And brands can actually count how many users are interested in what is advertised by clicking on the button.

The doubt lies in whether this type of publication will be available to all Instagram users or will be restricted to advertising brands that request it, we will soon be out of doubt.

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