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Instagram grows to match iPhone 5

Little by little, developers are updating their applications to adapt them to the new iPhone 5 screen size. After yesterday’s update of Google Chrome, today it’s the turn of Instagram, the most popular social network of photographs of the moment. Along with its update, it not only gains more screen space but also comes with a series of changes that are interesting in some cases but strange in others. We will explain all this to you in more detail after the jump.

Instagram has been updated. Specifically to its version 3.1 and with it there are some – mostly small – changes . The first and most important one is the adaptation to the iPhone 5 screen, eliminating the need to focus vertically by blackening part of the screen and thus wasting its maximum resolution. This also means that the photographs on the timeline will no longer be cut, or at least we will be able to see the image, likes , and the buttons that always accompany it. Likewise the image grid that appears in our profile also gains an extra row to improve the experience.

Instagram grows to match iPhone 5
Instagram grows to match iPhone 5

As we already anticipated at the beginning of post , not only has the screen adaptation been made, along with this version two changes have been included , one of which also affects only iPhone 5 and the other the whole range of devices with iOS operating system:

The use of the live filters has disappeared from the options in the iPhone 5 version. Although at first it might seem that this was a mistake by the company (since in the same version for the rest of the devices this option is still available), the company has declared that live filtering will be progressively eliminated in all versions while they work on other improvements.

The registration to Instagram has changed both in its physical appearance – making its design more attractive – and its content. From now on we can complete the personal data with the information we have on Facebook gaining a better integration with the company that owns Instagram.

With this last change we can make a double reading, because although on the one hand the integration with other social networks always seems to be a positive aspect , on the other hand we see how Facebook imposes its first rules on Instagram. Who knows if someday we’ll see the typical “I like” instead of likes , or if we’ll be able to share images of the people we’re following as if it were a Facebook post. What do you think about these changes, do you think they’re a good idea to remove the live filtering option, and do you think it’s an exaggeration to think that Instagram can be integrated with Facebook to that extent?

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