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Instagram for iOS updated with 5 new filters

Today, December 16, we received on our Apple devices the new update of Instagram, one of the most popular social networks around the world , and which introduce some better highlights that we will notice in our daily use of the social network.

The most outstanding improvements are the incorporation of five new filters , with which we will be able to give a different touch to our photos or images and that are Slumber, Cream, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. Along with the new filters we find another improvement as from now on the comments will be in real time , so we will avoid having to update to receive them, and also we will be able to upload videos in slow motion from our iPhone .

Instagram for iOS updated with 5 new filtersInstagram for iOS updated with 5 new filters

The new version is 6.40 , and if you haven’t received it yet or you find that you don’t have the new filters, you can go to the App Store, to the Updates tab and refresh it so that you can proceed to download this latest version.

In recent times, there has been talk that Instagram is on an upward path that seems endless for now, since it announced just a week ago that it had surpassed the figure of 300 million active users , for the 284 that had declared Twitter a few months ago, also surpassing the figure of more than 70 million photos and videos that are shared daily through the social network.

It was also announced that Instagram would start checking celebrity accounts , just as Twitter has been doing for quite some time, and that they would make a clear determination to fight fake accounts and try to impersonate celebrities, a determination that until now, it seems, was not at least as serious.