Instagram CEO talks about why there is no iPad app


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment. A place to share photos and videos, either through the feed or ephemerally through the stories . With the official iOS and Android client (also available for Windows 10 computers), is restricted to smartphones , although it is possible to access certain features through their website after entering our user credentials.

Instagram CEO talks about why there is no iPad app
Instagram CEO talks about why there is no iPad app

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, with the question function, contacted his social network supporters. He said that there is a small group of users who never see ads on the platform as an experiment, “to make sure we understand their effect”. He also addressed other issues, one of the most striking being the lack of an official iPad client.

Mosseri commented that he would like to make an application for the iPad, but that the team does not have the necessary resources for its development on both platforms. He assured that they have many things to do, and it seems that most of them are more important and have a lower development cost than creating an application for the Apple tablets. Although Mosseri has communicated his desire to bring the Instagram experience to the iPad, it seems unlikely that we will see an app in the short to medium term.

A few years ago, several well-functioning unofficial Instagram customers could be found in the App Store. However, after the API change they disappeared. It could be said that the only way to use the social network on the Bite Apple tablet is by downloading the iPhone version and using the x2 zoom, even though the interface does not adapt well to the proportions of the device.

On Apple’s ‘Watch for Instagram’, the app for Apple TV with which to view photos, videos and stories from the social network on the big screen

Another option is through Safari, by going to the website and signing in. You’ll have access to our feed, profile, and stories about the people we follow, as well as the ability to search the Browse tab and view our interactions. From the Share menu we can add the social network to the home screen , and we only have to click on the icon each time we want to see the news.


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