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Instagram and Facebook report bugs worldwide

After reporting on the worldwide downfall of WhatsApp, it seems that we should add Instagram and Facebook to the same bag, which would also be presenting problems in many countries , as you have informed us yourself and we have checked on the website.

Needless to say, Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by the same company, Facebook. This means that if one service goes down, they all go down like dominoes something that has ended up affecting us. Although it appears that the WhatsApp data was still residing on separate servers it seems that in the end you can confirm that all the data is on the same type of server run by Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook report bugs worldwideInstagram and Facebook report bugs worldwide

In Instagram right now it is mainly the sending of files via direct messages as well as the loading of stories and Home that is quite slow . It’s possible that as time goes by they will start to fix it or it may even get worse to the point that they won’t load the content on these social networks.

Facebook has also joined the bug reports, detecting problems with logging in and sending files through Messenger.

The downfall of Facebook and Instagram are mainly affecting Europe, the United States and Latin America where these applications are quite heavily used while WhatsApp is not as widespread in North America.

We will be watching to see if these services are finally fixed although we are facing a big drop in the three services that can take quite some time to repair. Right now Twitter is receiving a surge of activity because of this anomaly in the Facebook servers where many users are affected by this problem.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this fall, are you suffering from it?