INSIDE now available on the App Store

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For some reason, we’ve had several days of great releases in both MacOS and iOS when it comes to video games. First Deus Ex Mankind Divided, then that artwork that is FEZ and now another independent gem: INSIDE . I’m not alone in saying that: our colleagues at VidaExtra called it a ‘masterpiece’ in their analysis and it has won over a hundred awards. That’s not much.

INSIDE now available on the App Store
INSIDE now available on the App Store

INSIDE is an independent game, developed by PlayDead (the creators of LIMBO). In it you put yourself in the shoes of a child who enters a mysterious facility, in a world that is not exactly a pleasant place. And that’s all I can say without disembowelling part of the game’s magnificent story.

As in LIMBO, the game’s setting is based on shadows and a rather gloomy atmosphere that works to perfection. The story is told without any dialogue, so you’re the one who discovers what’s going on as you go through the levels. INSIDE is one of those games where you’re instantly immersed.

PlayDead has also had the good idea of launching the game as a free application so you can try out its first moments. Then, if you want the full game, you can have it with an integrated purchase of $6.99 which will be available tomorrow, December 15. Oh, and it’s also compatible with tvOS.

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