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Inquisitor now also for Firefox

A plugin for Safari that we have told you about on several occasions is Inquisitor, by David Watanabe who, by the way, sold it to Yahoo! some time ago. It is one of the most successful additions for Safari and allows us to add instant results to the browser’s search box .

Well, Inquisitor makes news since just announced the Firefox version , allowing you to add exactly the same behavior to the search box of the Mozilla browser. If you install it, you’ll be surprised because it’s an almost identical replica of the Safari plugin, perhaps with some minor graphical tweaks. Nothing to do with another similar plugin that tried to look like Inquisitor and the one we talked about before called Peers.

Inquisitor now also for Firefox
Inquisitor now also for Firefox

The plugin is still free and allows us to search using either Yahoo’s search engine (default) or Google’s search engine and we can add custom search links to flickr or wikipedia for example, in the options we’ll have extensive configuration possibilities for the tool. What they don’t offer at the moment is a translation into our language, so we have to make do with English.

At the moment it’s still in beta , specifically in the experimental section of the Mozilla Addons, but you can try it out in almost any version of Firefox. Including the last Beta of version 3.1, which with the tracemonkey activated, is a real pass in speed and aplomb, I strongly recommend you to try it.


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