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Inicio de Firefox – Applesfera
Inicio de Firefox – Applesfera

The Mozilla Mobile team is working tirelessly to make a great Firefox for tablets and I’d like to take a moment to share some of the design decisions we’ve made regarding its interface so far. Firefox for tablets is an evolution of its mobile predecessor with some improvements and additions that take advantage of the larger screen size.

No, at the moment we’re not going to have Firefox for iPad and we certainly haven’t had it for iPhone either. What Ian Barlow, one of Mozilla’s user interface designers, is talking about is the version of Firefox for Android presented at the beginning of the year and which will soon be released a succulent update to adapt it to Honeycomb, drinking largely from its minimalist style.

The images published by Barlow remind us of other statements made by one of his colleagues in September last year when they argued that there were “technical and logistical constraints that make it if not impossible, difficult to create a full Firefox browser for the iPhone” and by extension, for the iPad. Their solution, to launch Firefox Home , a sort of bridge between the desktop Firefox browser and the mobile version of Safari with which we can access our history, bookmarks and open tabs.

Firefox Home for iPad

So, until Mozilla rectifies and stops the technical and logistic milongas, what we have left is the mentioned Firefox Home, currently only available for iPhone but with an update on the way adapted to the iPad that will also bet on a new user interface notably more showy.

This new version will give us at a glance screenshots, icons, headlines and images of the websites we use to visit organized according to how recent our visits are and the number of times we see them. In addition, the Mozilla team hopes to add some new features such as viewing content from Gmail, Flickr or Rdio among other web services and a better organization of open tabs and our applications in separate lists like the ones you’ll find below.

What do you think? Do you like Firefox Home or do you think Mozilla should use its efforts to launch a full-featured browser for iOS as it already does for Android?


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