Infinity Blade III for iPad and iPhone Now Available on the App Store

3D graphics and pure realism in the new Infinity Blade III

The world of iPad games makes us increasingly forget the difference that can exist between those created for the Apple tablet and those that come out for the console. On a screen like the iPad and with such a powerful engine you will be able to recreate yourself in one of the best games ever created. The graphics go up to a higher level and you can see how that distance that used to be smaller and smaller.

The Infinity Blade trilogy ends with this new title, the last one in the saga and surely the one that catches your attention the most. A whole world of scenarios and 3D environments that will captivate you from minute one . Fight a lot of enemies where the graphics are really great. Still you can see that Infinity Blade III is not just graphics, the game engine, the script and the final story make us like it even more.

The latest game in the saga far surpasses any of its previous versions

Infinity Blade III for iPad and iPhone Now Available on the App Store
Infinity Blade III for iPad and iPhone Now Available on the App Store

In Infinity Blade III we must choose between two types of characters: the legendary Siris or the thieving Isa . Either character will have different combat skills and will have up to three different styles. You will also be able to obtain different items and weapons as you progress through the game. It’s really worth spending time with both of them and checking out the different possibilities each one offers.

On this occasion you will have new allies who can join your cause , the Goldsmith, the Potion Master, the Blacksmith and the Merchant. Any of them will help you to obtain new weapons and new skills that will allow you to defeat the great dragons, good fighters of Infinity Blade III. The script is much better in this final chapter and you’ll see that it all makes sense.

Infinity Blade III includes new challenges that you will have to overcome and with which you will be able to win new tokens, with which you will later be able to buy keys, treasure maps, prize wheels and other rare objects that you will need to use throughout the game. You will also find a new challenge mode. Join other players from all over the world to get massive group challenges and get totally exclusive new objects and items .

The touch control is still as spectacular as in all the chapters of the saga. With just the touch of a finger you’ll be able to perform a multitude of actions. The controls are very simple and you’ll be able to access any part of the map quickly. And don’t worry, because the accuracy is simply sensational, you’ll feel your sword movements flow with the touch of your finger on the screen – so watch out for the snag!

The truth is that the graphic part of the new Infinity Blade III is simply amazing, you probably haven’t seen anything similar in any current game in the App Store. The scenarios created in three dimensions are completely dynamic and depending on the path you choose in your adventure you will see how they change and acclimatize to your decisions . In addition, the new Unreal Engine allows for a truly spectacular amount of movement.

Infinity Blade III is a game that you should try on your iPad or iPhone, even if it’s just to see how such a high quality game looks like. The game is worth everything you ask for for downloading from the App Store and you will enjoy its graphics and intense fighting. Be careful because depending on your device it will run more or less smoothly, take a good look at the recommendations made by its developers.

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