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Inexplicably, the Apple Watch and the iPad sell like hot cakes

Subidón en ventas del iPad, que está más vivo que nunca

Además, el Apple Watch está popularizándose cada vez más y más en su gama de deporte. Tanto es así que Apple decidió añadir a esta serie los colores del antiguo Apple Watch Edition: oro y oro rosa . Los compradores del smartwatch aseguran que el estilo de vida y el deporte cambian para siempre con él.

Inexplicably, the Apple Watch and the iPad sell like hot cakes
Inexplicably, the Apple Watch and the iPad sell like hot cakes

Es un buen año para la compañía y no es para menos. Aunque el Apple Watch no aparente ser tan popular, el nuevo iPad es una de las mejores tablet jamás fabricadas .

We all know very well that Apple makes a lot of money. Whether you sell your products very cheaply or extremely expensive, you always make a profit . Today we can confirm this again and that is that this strange and confusing phenomenon has been repeated this year.

Recently the cause of a considerable increase in Apple’s share price was confirmed, what is really interesting about this increase is that Apple really didn’t try too hard to make it happen . For no apparent reason, the sales and shipments of iPad and Apple Watch have gone up by an awful lot in these 7 months of 2017 that we have.

Apple has sold 11.4 million iPads in half a year, which has meant a 15% increase over last year during the same period of time . This was an impressive sales growth for the iPad in recent years. To give you an idea, the last time Apple sold so many iPads in that time period was in 2013.

This jump in iPad sales is probably due to the launch of the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro in June . Of course, this sold a lot more than the “cheap” iPad that was launched in March. Apple is currently taking the iPad down two paths: one cheaper and one for more complex work.

On the other hand, Apple inexplicably continues to sell indecent amounts of Apple Watch, so much so that these become 50% of Apple’s sales each year . No doubt some very good news for the giant of Cupertino.

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