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induction charging system and display with changing relief

From all the rumors that are coming to us we can be profiling how they will be the iPhone of the future, but in the absence of official data there are interesting clues that can reach us through the patents that Apple is getting in the United States . These are experiments that allow us to see what Apple has proven, which can be promoted to an official feature or abandoned as a result of trial and error. Today, three of these patents have appeared.

The first of these patents describes a surface on which we could leave several iOS devices to be charged without the need for any wires. This surface, discovered in Patently Apple, would be composed of several coils that could work independently from each other but at the same time could work together in order to optimize the loading of one or more terminals.

The inductive surface as a huge business opportunity

induction charging system and display with changing relief
induction charging system and display with changing relief

Each coil would detect the proximity of the terminals above the surface to transmit the amount of energy that best matches the distance by varying the transmission frequencies. Thus, each coil would put the best part of what it is capable of so that the charge is fast and effective (although we would have to see if this charge would be faster than the one we can have with the cable).

Let’s think about the business that could be selling this patented surface to businesses such as restaurants

This surface could be sold as an accessory , an extra with which to show the first step towards wireless charging on an iPhone or iPad that retains the Lightning connector so it can also be charged with a cable. It could be the start of a campaign to warn the user that in the future, Apple charging cables could be history.

Let’s also think about the business that could be selling this patented surface to businesses such as restaurants, where diners could leave their phones on the table while eating and these would be charged. Bars, meeting rooms, work tables, bedside tables … a whole new market as a result of something like this patent.

A screen whose relief changes with the interface

The second patent has been discovered in AppleInsider, and is somewhat more complicated to bring to reality: a screen with areas that can change in relief to highlight interface elements. For example, the pixels of a warning message could be raised to draw the user’s attention even further.

This could give a more realistic feel to the iOS on-screen keyboard, expanding on this third patent unveiled from Patently Apple: MacBooks with screens instead of keyboards to simulate a keyboard and trackpad whose relief changes depending on what we do with our fingers. The Touch Bar on today’s MacBook Pro could be a first step towards that. It certainly could.

These are, of course, things that if they become reality we won’t see until after a few years . Technology is not yet ready for this kind of advancement, and it seems that Apple is now focused on augmented reality as the next big “revolution” for its products. And I insist: all these patents must become reality and not end up as parked experiments.

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