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Indoor Survey, Apple’s indoor map

You go to a football game on a Sunday at the stadium. You are not a season ticket holder, but you have a season ticket that your friend, who is on a trip, left for you, with the details of the seat assigned to him. The door is clear, the section can be, but the seat is already…, two things can happen, you can go out in the aisle and find it at the first one or you can walk around row by row looking for it for a while. Searching for it on the internet is going to be a complicated task since there is usually no coverage , and to call your friend the same problem arises.

Apple is finishing the outline of an application that, among other possibilities, solves problems of this style. This app is known as Indoor Survey .

Indoor Survey, Apple’s indoor map
Indoor Survey, Apple’s indoor map

Designed and created by Steve Troughton-Smith, Indoor Survey will allow the user to locate themselves in indoor locations , where coverage is minimal or non-existent, through the use of radio frequency signals and the use of the iPhone’s own internal sensors.

It is not an exact coincidence, but it is true that the system described is similar to the positioning technology used by WiFiSLAM – a Silicon Valley company bought by Apple for $20 million in 2013 -. Indoor GPS , the name of the WiFiSLAM app, analyzes and tracks radio frequency signals accessing WiFi points to accurately determine a user’s location. Some time ago Apple also filed a number of patent applications covering inland navigation and positioning. Casualty?

Thus, with this new application, the classic problems of getting lost in a shopping centre, stadium or some closed area would be avoided. This tool will also be very useful to companies to show more accurate data through Apple Maps and make it easier for people to find their business, if it is within a larger enclosure, with much more accuracy.

Indoor Survey can’t be found in the App Store yet until it is launched. However, if you want to take a look at it, you can do so via this link . You can also see the first glimpses of how entrepreneurs will integrate their businesses into this new application in Maps Connect.

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