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India takes a new step for iPhone factory relocation

Since the end of last year it has been rumored that Apple will take its factories out of China to settle in India . This country is one of the emerging markets that technology companies are most interested in taking over. Apple hopes that the relocation of factories and the opening of physical stores can help boost sales of products such as the iPhone .

Now, as several media outlets such as 9to5Mac point out, the Indian ministry in charge of technological affairs has already approved plans for a new $1 million Winstron factory . This factory will go on to produce the iPhone 8 while Foxconn is expected to manufacture the latest iPhone in this country as well.

India takes a new step for iPhone factory relocationIndia takes a new step for iPhone factory relocation

We have talked about Apple’s situation in China many times. To summarize briefly, there are several reasons why the slowdown of the iPhone in this country started to worry the company at the end of last year. This is due, among other factors, to the commercial war between Donald Trump , president of the United States, and the Asian country. In this battle, controversial cases have joined the arrest of the vice president of Huawei , Meng Wanzhou, in December.

In any case it seems that the situation of Apple, like other companies like Samsung, is not being easy in China and therefore they have chosen, among other things, to move their factories to countries like India. Also the United States could host a small production site in Wisconsin.

In India, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, there will be a factory of the company Winstron in charge of manufacturing some older iPhone models like the iPhone 8 . It should be noted that some earlier ones were already being produced in this country, such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE .

It is also expected that Foxconn , a major iPhone manufacturer in China, will be able to move its production plant to India to manufacture the latest iPhone XS, XS Max and XR . This could also be the case for the iPhones we are seeing this year , for which we are not yet aware that they have even started production.

To end with the approval of Apple’s plans in India there is still the approval of some government entities of the country as the so-called Indian Cabinet , the environment of the Prime Minister. Once the plans have been approved, the official arrival of the firm led by Tim Cook in India could be taken for granted.