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Increasing Battery Life in iOS 10

You have asked us, and we have found not one, but five solutions . Since the launch of Apple’s new mobile operating system, many iPadizate readers have reported problems with the autonomy of their devices.

And it’s true, iOS 10 is dramatically reducing iPhone and iPad battery life, especially on older devices.

Increasing Battery Life in iOS 10
Increasing Battery Life in iOS 10

But in this article we’ll explain how you can increase the battery life of your iPhone and iPad. We hope you find it useful!

Forced reset

Sometimes the iPhone or iPad just needs a little rest, because every day the software accumulates hundreds of data and resources that can drain the battery. The classic forced restart (holding your finger over the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds) will optimise the system.

Screen brightness

It is one of the most battery consuming features of the day. So try to decrease the brightness of your iPhone or iPad screen at night , and you can also try using Night Shift mode.

Battery saving

The iPhone has a very useful functionality when it comes to reducing energy consumption. This is the low power mode that you can activate from the Settings application.

Raise to Wake

This new method of turning on the iPhone screen by lifting the device wastes a lot of battery power on iOS 10 , so we recommend you to disable it (in case you don’t use it very often).


We asked our readers which applications spent the most battery power on their devices, and both WhatsApp and Facebook filled in the answers. The official Facebook application, especially, drains the battery that gives you pleasure. So we recommend to use their mobile version and their desktop version in Safari. You’ll notice the difference!

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