increases the chances of meeting objectives without complicating the process

Streaks is an app for iOS that helps us to complete goals throughout the day or week . To do this the use of the app is very simple: we add a series of goals with its custom icon and whenever we fulfill it we check in. This is a very simple operation so that you can focus on meeting objectives and not so much on defining and marking them as on completing them in the app. This simplicity earned it an Apple Design Award two years ago and certainly more than deserved.

To maintain this simplicity, Streaks has always allowed only six targets to be added to the app . This way we can focus on six things (reading, walking, brushing our teeth…) and not get overwhelmed by impossible goals. Streaks 3 changes things, now there are twice as many goals you can have, twice as many settings for each goal and twice as much information about each goal. But without losing the essence of the app.

Two target areas, four target categories, dozens of options for each target

increases the chances of meeting objectives without complicating the process
increases the chances of meeting objectives without complicating the process

To keep this simple when visualizing and completing our goals, the app still shows only six goals on the main screen. The other six are on the back , and with a lower button we can flip the screen to see the back with the other six. In this way, we can configure the targets in two areas. For example in the main area we can put personal habits that have to do with tasks and work and in the reverse area we can put habits that have to do with health and sport.

The categories of targets have also changed. We can actually create a target from scratch, giving it our own name and our own parameters. But Streaks 3 classifies them into four options :

  • Tasks: From reading 10 minutes a day to walking the dog every day. You can also set your own target here.
  • Health: It has to do with physical and mental activity. Most of these goals are synchronized and take the data from the Health app, for example if we choose to walk 5,000 steps a day as a goal, it will record the steps using the Apple Watch with the Health data.
  • Apple Watch: Again, objectives that have to do with Health and in this case it takes the data directly from the Apple Watch.
  • Bad habits: These goals are somewhat different, they begin each day as completion and if one day we break the streak the task is marked as not done. For example we have No smoking, no drinking coffee, no drinking alcohol…

Once the target has been chosen, we can customize it as we please with more than 100 different icons, the executions per day that we want, the name, the days of the week… In short the target can be totally customized to our way of being.

More detailed monitoring of objectives

At the bottom of the screen we now have an icon of a star. Clicking on it opens a detailed view of the targets . This view shows how long we’ve started to meet them by showing the best run, how many times we’ve completed them, a percentage of that, a graph for the last few days, a weekly graph and a graph for the last few hours. Ideal for motivating yourself by watching your progress.

A fully customizable app

But of course what I liked most about Streaks 3 is the customization. As we mentioned, it is a very simple app in interface, but not for that reason basic. This simplicity has also allowed it to offer more customization while maintaining a style. Let me explain: if you allow a person to paint a car the way they want but using only one colour, it’s hard for them to get it wrong. But if you allow a person to paint a car the way they want but using 6 colors… it’s likely to come out something awful.

In Streaks 3 we can change the background color of the app by choosing from 15 different colors. The reverse side can also change colour, as it is in negative, what changes is the colour of the elements and not the background. On the other hand, the app also allows us to change the app icon by choosing from the 15 colours above but also in three different options each: with the background colour, with the colour in the element on white, with the colour in the element on black.

One last important customization to consider concerns notifications. We can set up one (or more) custom notice for each target . We choose from when we want it to arrive to the sound we want it to make. It’s hard to make it any easier.

Streaks 3, an app that will do everything possible to make you achieve your goals

Streaks 3 does not do magic, fulfilling goals and habits is part of everyone and the effort you put in. However, the app will do its best to help you . It allows you to be clear about what your goals are, reminds you to stick to them, and motivates you to do so by showing you how you are doing.

Streaks 3 is available on the App Store for 5.49 euros. It has an app for Apple Watch (maybe where else you’ll use it) and stickers for iMessage. In addition to Streaks 3, you can get a specialized sports app from the same creators with Streaks Workout, which works identically.

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