Increase the security of Snow Leopard

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Miguel already told us in this post that SL has a built-in antitrojan, which is activated by default, so we don’t have to do anything. In this entry we will see how we can use some elements of the operating system and other programs to ensure that our Mac with Snow Leopard is as safe as possible.

Increase the security of Snow Leopard
Increase the security of Snow Leopard

The first thing we can do is make sure the firewall is activated. To do this, we go to System Preferences , Security , Firewall . If the following screen appears, the firewall is activated and we have nothing to worry about. As they say in the TV quiz shows, it’s a pass.

Secondly, we can make software testing more frequent. We’re going to System Preferences , Software Update , where we can program how often our snowcat will check for updates. By increasing the frequency to daily, we will make sure we have the most up-to-date operating system possible.

Also in System Preferences you can configure, in the tab Share , some elements that affect security, such as file sharing or the possibility to open a remote session from another machine. Here, what we need to have is common sense and allow only the services we need.

Although it is not part of Snow Leopard and is a paid program, Little Snitch ($29.95) allows us to control access of the applications we have installed to Internet . Among other actions, we can define rules for each of the applications, being able to totally restrict the access of some of them to the Internet . In this way we ensure that only the applications we want to open connections to the outside world.

And last but not least, the execution of malicious code on our Mac implies authorization by us. So when we install an application, it will ask us for the administrator password to do so. If the software we install is from a known source and we don’t download software from the internet from disreputable sites, we have a lot of gain in terms of security.

Again, we remind you that there are no viruses for Mac, so the malicious code has to enter our machines otherwise to run. If we don’t allow it, we will enjoy our computers and the snow cat without problems.

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