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In the CampusMac conference of MediaCenters

Today we attended the Campusmac conference on MediaCenters , which was a very interesting session focused on the multimedia aspects offered by the Mac philosophy.

First, Xavier Pan has made a review of the equipment and configurations suitable for use of MediaCenter . We have seen that any MacMini G4 is a machine sufficiently capable of playing video in HD and that you can put Leopard on it without many problems (that’s better to expand to 1GB of RAM which is the maximum it allows) or have Tiger and FrontRow Enabler. Then you have to buy an external hard disk and a tuner and various cables, but for about 200 euros you can get a MacMiniG4 on ebay and the rest depends on each one but for 100-200 euros more you can get everything . Continuing with the hardware theme, later they have been teaching us different models of tuners and they have shown us how to change the RAM and the hard disk to a MacMini (the RAM, easy, the disk not so much but good neither is it any drama). They have also made a very brief description of the TVs that have HDReady and FullHD.

In the CampusMac conference of MediaCenters
In the CampusMac conference of MediaCenters

Then Guillem Gandol has continued the presentation from the point of view of the software , he has made a demonstration of the eyeTV and all its functionalities, the truth is that it surprises the quantity of options that we have with this software, we can control many aspects of the visualization and the recording of TV.

They have also made a review of tools for format conversions , where they have reviewed iSquintVisualHub, Roxio Crunch, etc. and P2P tools type Pando, aMule, etc. and then they have made a small demo of Submerge (program to add subtitles). To control the Mac remotely, we have several options like Sofa Control, Romeo, Remote Buddy and to rip DVDs we have tools like Mac The Ripper.

Another theme they have played is the diffusion of content via local network , with iTunes or iPhoto by sharing music libraries and photo libraries, we have seen that with bonjour the setup time is zero, we just have to activate FrontRow for example and go to “Sources” to see the shared content and be able to access it easily.

And finally we have finished with prayers and questions and we have introduced the next CampusMacSession that will be in January and will be about Quicksilver (that I will have the honor to present) and DIY of iPods.

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