In Germany it is possible to use WhatsApp without paying a data fee

In Germany it is possible to use the WhatsApp even if you do not have data or balance

The world of telecommunications is constantly changing. Not long ago, virtual operators (MVNOs) began to appear in our lives, throwing the prices of calls, SMS and data out the window, and made the big companies, owners of the networks they used, also have to lower their prices .

In Germany, another telecommunications revolution is now beginning that affects these virtual operators in full. Germany is starting to market a prepaid SIM that has unlimited access to WhatsApp , even if the Internet tariff data has been consumed.

In Germany it is possible to use WhatsApp without paying a data fee
In Germany it is possible to use WhatsApp without paying a data fee

An agreement between the IM application company and the e-Plus virtual operator has made it possible for users of this network to access WhatsApp, even if they have already consumed the data tariff or have no balance , thanks to a special prepaid SIM card designed for the use of this application.

WhatsApp SIM by e-Plus

This is the commercial name given to this new type of prepaid card that offers unlimited and free use of the application when you do not have data on the Internet rate or no balance. But be careful, from WhatsApp and from the virtual operator there has been no reference to users of this SIM having the annual fee of $0.99 (0.89) free .


When you buy the card, which has a value of 10 euros, it is already charged with that amount for consumption. The rate includes national calls at 9 cents per minute, 9 cents per SMS and 24 cents per MB consumed. In addition, if an extra charge of 10 ? is made, customers are given 600 credits, which can be used in calls (1 credit=1 minute), in SMS (1 credit=1 SMS) or in the data rate (1 credit=1 MB). As soon as the balance and credits are spent, users will still have access to WhatsApp at no extra cost .

A great opportunity for both companies

This agreement signed between WhatsApp and e-Plus benefits both parties without a doubt. On the one hand, the company of the instant messaging application is given the possibility to position itself differently , since its name is now also associated with the name of a virtual operator and this is something that it could take advantage of in the future.

e-Plus is going to be in business. WhatsApp is an application that is installed on nearly 90% of the country’s smartphones, and has nearly 30 million users. This offer of free use of the application, can make many people want to make portabilities or new registrations and start enjoying this very attractive service .

In addition, anyone who brings friends or acquaintances to the company will have benefits that will translate into additional credit: for every two friends who use the code generated to sign up, you will get an additional £10 credit , as we read on TechCrunch.

Will this type of agreement be extended to other countries? Will we see something like this in Spain?

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