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in-depth comparison of the best headphones of the moment

Wireless headphones are a proposition that is beginning to appeal to consumers. Thanks to advances in technology, companies are able to integrate sensors of all kinds into a tiny headset. Two such companies are Bragi and Apple , which are at the forefront of totally wireless headphones.

In this article we will compare the two most popular headphones of the moment: The Dash and the AirPods. Two pairs of headphones that do away with cables completely and that bring us closer to the ideal of carrying our music without any kind of ties.

The Dash vs AirPods: technical comparison

Bragi The DashAirPodsApple Earphone TypeIn earIn partial earWeight per earphone6.4 grams4 gramsWeight with case156 grams46 gramsDimensions case80x60x30 mm53x44x20 mmSweat and water resistance (1 meter deep)Officially notInsulationPassive, with sound transparencyNoConnectionsBluetooth 4. 0, micro-USBBluetooth (not specified), LightningBattery headset3 hours of use with iPhone, 4 hours as local player5 hoursBattery case~4-5 additional charges (15-17 hours maximum)~19 hours (24 hours maximum)Quick chargeNo, full charge in 2 hoursYes, 15 minutes ~ 3 hoursBuilt-in microphoneYes, with Siri supportYes, with Siri supportSiriProcessorChip ARM 32bitsChip ARM not specifiedBragi OS 2. 2NoSurface and touch controlsYes, numerous functionsSingle function (Siri pause and resume)Pause and auto restart when removing headsetYes NoYesPhysical quantificationYes NoSensors per headsetMicrophone (number not specified), heart sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and touch screen2 microphones, 2 optical sensors, accelerometer, voice accelerometerStorage4GB ~ 3.5GB realNoChip W1NoYesAutomatic synchronizationNoYesColoursBlack, whitePrice299 euros (267 euros in Amazon, 208 euros in white model). 179 euro

The Dash and AirPods in everyday life

If you were waiting for technology to make your dream of a completely wireless headset come true, that time has come. With The Dash, you get a little piece of the future but here and now. It’s a smart device that aims to go further than AirPods. They’re more independent. They do more things and you can do more with them.

Bragi wanted to make a headset that was almost perfect for athletes who love running, cycling and even swimming in the pool (as long as you don’t get out of these three activities). No need for cables, no iPhone and no Apple Watch or any kind of quantifier bracelet. Just a headset that also quantifies your physical activity. The perfect combination if your interest does not go beyond monitoring your sports sessions.

The Dash has an app for the iPhone that stands out for its simplicity and usefulness. We are surprised by its full integration with HealthKit, something that other wearables competitors have chosen to ignore

In this sense, the complete integration with HealthKit and the Salud app stands out, something that others like Fitbit refuse to do out of hand. Each sports session will be saved on your iPhone , counting towards your daily activity goals. An app on the iPhone that shines with its own light and an operating system that refines, improves and brings new features on a regular basis complement a powerful proposal. As we said in our first impressions, The Dash is a sexy technological product .

As a user of the Bragi Headset and AirPods for weeks now, I have found several reasons to choose the Apple Headset for my daily use. The first of all has to do with the dimensions and weight of the case. As we have seen in the specifications, the Bragi weighs almost four times more than the AirPods, with a much higher volume as well. For me, this is a key factor in taking them with me everywhere.

The AirPods fit into the small pocket that almost all the pants have on top of one’s right pocket. Something I had never used before and which I wondered why it existed, now finds its use. You put the AirPods there and you never forget them . They will always be with you. Whereas the Bragi should go in a bigger pocket or in your coat. As an additional point, it must be said that despite their size and weight, the AirPods have greater total autonomy in a smaller space. How much? Approximately twice as much.

When you get used to carrying AirPods in a tiny pocket of your pants, any other case that doesn’t fit in there is a step back

The second major reason is connectivity. Whenever we are dealing with bluetooth 4.0 or higher devices, we will have a reliable connection in both headsets. However, I find that the AirPods go a step further, I’ve barely noticed minimal jumps in the sound and never one of them has started to sizzle without warning like I did with The Dash. The distance and obstacles you can put between the sound emitter and the headphones is really amazing: no doors or walls seem to make a dent.

Special mention should be made of the initial synchronization and automatic switching between devices without having to deal with settings. A function so simple that it seems unbelievable that we had to wait so long to enjoy it.

Thirdly, there is the type of headset. For years I had the in-ear type because of its ability to isolate from the outside and I loved it. Perfect for focusing on the office. In spite of this, recently I have started to use them more on the street and I value the ability to know what is going on around me . To finish, a series of details:

  • When you remove the AirPods and Dashes, playback stops by itself. But when you put them back in your ear, only the AirPods resume sound.
  • As I mentioned in The Dash’s analysis, the magnetic charge needs to have a unique position to fit. In its current state, it is difficult to know if they are properly positioned and it raises doubts about whether they will be charged or not. On AirPods, that doubt doesn’t exist: as soon as you let them go, the magnets take care of putting them in place without you doing anything else.
  • Análisis AirPods, Análisis Bragi The Dash.

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    Operating the headset from a touch surface is interesting and has its uses, but having to “tap” it or touch your face to activate certain functions is uncomfortable because of the noise it generates in your ear. Both models suffer from this.

  • That said, the prospect of moving from the Bragi to the song and changing the volume is attractive. But it’s not easy or comfortable, and I partly understand why Apple hasn’t incorporated it. At least in this generation.
  • Activating Siri is significantly faster from the AirPods, although it is still slow. It would be more convenient to use a “Hey Siri” to invoke the assistant and keep talking without pauses, as it happens when we do it from the Apple Watch.

Apple’s opinion

In my opinion, these are two great products . With their differences, they manage to attract two different audiences:

  1. The sports enthusiast, who wants to carry his own soundtrack without having to tie his iPhone to his arm and does not have an Apple Watch. Monitoring while playing sports as well as integration with Apple Health makes the Dash a perfect choice.
  2. Anyone with more than one Apple device will find the AirPods to be a perfect match for the apple ecosystem. Their compact size and long range allow you to take them anywhere and use them at all times.
in-depth comparison of the best headphones of the moment
in-depth comparison of the best headphones of the moment

Perhaps, the real rival that Bragi has for the AirPods is The Headphone. However, they lose those features that make them stand out from Apple’s headphones

There is one aspect that we haven’t discussed so far and that is the price . The Bragi The Dash has a starting price of 299 euros, although it is possible to find offers with models for 208 euros. The AirPods have a price of 179 euros and are not immediately available, unlike the German headphones.

In the price equation, it should be noted that they are not functionally equivalent. The Dash monitors physical activity with different parameters, for which we would need an Apple Watch or a bracelet capable of transmitting music to a bluetooth headset. If the capacity of physical monitoring does not appeal to you, Bragi has launched a headset that does not require it, called The Headphone, which is available for 169 euros. Although similar, the truth is that they lose the additional capacity of the case (among other things) along the way.

Without having tried them, my impression is that these headphones lose precisely what makes The Dash attractive. The AirPods have even longer autonomy , better connectivity and integration with Apple devices.

If you are in doubt between The Dash or some AirPods, ask yourself what kind of user you are and what your main uses are going to be. The answer is within you, little padawan.

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