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In 2020 we could see an iPhone with… four main cameras!

La cámara del iPhone X no es la mejor, a pesar de Consumer Reports

Por supuesto, esto se dará en la gama alta, dado que el resto de categorías siguen con una sola cámara , y no parece que vaya a cambiar pronto, al menos en Apple. Pero debería de servirnos de advertencia para todos aquellos a los que ya nos empieza a parecer excesivo ver tres cámaras en la parte trasera. Ni aunque sea para que en cada una de nuestras fotos parezcamos modelos recién maquillados.

In 2020 we could see an iPhone with… four main cameras!
In 2020 we could see an iPhone with… four main cameras!

Y vosotros, ¿creéis que le encontrarán alguna utilidad a tener cuatro cámaras?

Smartphones, no matter how many innovations they have, will not be able to come close to professional cameras in quality and flexibility. This is a fact, and is due to the technical limitations these devices have, starting with the size of the sensor. After all, it is not their primary objective to reach professionals either, just to make a good level of photographic quality available to all users , regardless of their knowledge.

However, for a couple of years now, we have been observing how this trend is changing. Manufacturers are adapting to a time when people want to have the performance of professionals, to be able to show off landscapes and portraits on Instagram or 500px. For this reason, devices with multiple sensors have begun to appear, such as the iPhone X with its double camera, or the future iPhone 9, which could have three sensors .

Of course, each sensor has its function, as demonstrated at the time from Huawei with the P20 Pro’s triple camera, which we already compared to the iPhone X. In fact, it’s the way the manufacturers of overcome the limitations we discussed at the beginning.

However, it seems that there is still a long way to go, as Nicholas Touchard, Vice President of Marketing at DxOMark, has already indicated that we will start seeing phones with four sensors . And although we’re not very keen on betting, we’d say that at this rate we could see them by 2020, as it seems that the jumps are taking place every two years.

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