In 2020 Apple could launch 6 models of iPhone 12 different

El iPhone SE 2 entrará en producción en enero para lanzarse en marzo de 2020

Los 6 modelos de iPhone de 2020

El súper rumoreado iPhone SE 2 será uno de los primeros en llegar, su lanzamiento está previsto para marzo de 2020 y consistirá en un teléfono con conectividad 4G, una pantalla LCD de 5,1 pulgadas y una cámara individual. Estará equipado con un procesador A13 y es probable que implemente un sensor de huellas Touch ID.

In 2020 Apple could launch 6 models of iPhone 12 different
In 2020 Apple could launch 6 models of iPhone 12 different

Jun Zhang, analista de Rosenblatt Securities, asegura que a pesar de la gran popularidad de los modelos de smartphone más económicos de Apple (especialmente el iPhone SE) el iPhone SE de segunda generación no será tan “atractivo como el iPhone 11” para los consumidores. Principalmente porque cree que los smartphones con conectividad 4G verán una gran caída en ventas en China durante el año 2020.

El analista también opina que los modelos iPhone 12 y iPhone 12 Pro se ofrecerán en diferentes versiones que incluirán 4G y 5G . Pero todos ellos tendrán una pantalla OLED y múltiples cámaras.

Características de los 6 modelos de iPhone 12

Esta es la lista de teléfonos móviles de Apple de 2020 basada en las predicciones de Rosenblatt Securities:

  • iPhone 12: un teléfono más económico con conectividad 4G, pantalla LCD de 6,1 pulgadas y una cámara individual.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: un modelo con conectividad 4G, pantalla OLED de 5,4 pulgadas y una cámara dual.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: otro modelo con conectividad 5G, pantalla OLED de 5,4 pulgadas y cámara dual.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Plus: un smartphone con conectividad 4G, pantalla OLED de 6,1 plgadas y una triple cámara con funciones ToF y sensores 3D.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Plus: una versión con conectividad 5G, pantalla OLED de 6,1 plgadas y una triple cámara con funciones ToF y sensores 3D.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: un último modelo con conectividad 5G, una pantalla OLED de 6,1 pulgadas y una cámara con tres lentes ToF y 3D.

Some of them will arrive with 5G connectivity technology.

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Over the last few days we have been talking about the possible arrival of four models of iPhone with OLED screen in 2020. Now, in a statement to investors, Rosenblatt has included two more models, so we would talk about a total of 6 different models of iPhone 12.

These include the successors to the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, along with a more economical model with an LCD screen and a couple of other models that will not incorporate 5G connectivity technology.

In this article we will talk about each of the models that Apple could market during the coming year, as well as the nomenclatures that the rumors indicate.

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It is hard to imagine that Apple will use the nomenclature “Pro”, “Plus” and “Max” in the same line of iPhone, however it is simply a way to differentiate some models from others. Recently we discovered that Apple could launch a model called iPhone 9 that would replace the iPhone 12 in this list, a nomenclature that would have some logic considering that it will be a natural successor of the iPhone 8 . At least in terms of design, since it won’t be as similar to the iPhone SE as we expected.

Leaving the nomenclature aside, it is also possible for Apple to increase the screen size of the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” model to 6.7 inches. Although Rosenblatt Securities lists only 6.1-inch models.

The transition to the iPhone with 5G connectivity

Jun Zhang, from Rosenblatt, said his predictions suggest that Apple is working on multiple projects but “doesn’t have a clear idea” of which model, which version and when they will come to market. Everything points to the fact that most of them will be launched in September , but the iPhone 12 Pro with 5G connectivity could be delayed until the spring of 2021.

The evolution to 5G connectivity will imply some changes in the main design of the iPhone, according to Rosenblatt, Apple will incorporate different components in these models with respect to the iPhone with 4G. In theory, 4G models will use an aluminum frame, while 5G models will have a stainless steel frame with holes to help improve mmWave signals.

Finally, we conclude that the 2020 iPhone line will incorporate a slightly larger battery thanks to the reduction in size of the ITM Semiconductor protection circuit.

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