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In 2019 the iPhone could be compatible with the Apple Pencil

Steve Jobs didn’t want to see a pencil on top of his devices but with his death and the arrival of Tim Cook everything has changed in this respect. It was the iPad Pro that incorporated Apple’s first pencil, the so-called Apple Pencil, and now new rumors point to the launch of an Apple Pencil for our iPhone in 2019.

The Korea Herald through The Investor said today that Apple engineers are working on a new device for the iPhone, which would be this Apple Pencil supposedly launched in 2019.

In 2019 the iPhone could be compatible with the Apple Pencil
In 2019 the iPhone could be compatible with the Apple Pencil

iPad Pro with your Apple Pencil

This would be very similar to what we currently see in the Note, famous for this add-on and very useful when you want to take notes anywhere or outline an idea. Despite these similarities not everything would be the same, as they would be investigating a cheaper technology than the one we see in the Note and giving a very appropriate feeling, very Apple.

The technology Apple would target would be “supercondenser”. Currently, the competition, the Note 8 uses a magnetic resonance technology that forces to incorporate paper components under the screen. All this makes the device much more expensive, but the technology Apple is proposing will offer a feeling very similar to writing on paper and will also have a lower cost.

Specifically, what the note says is this:

As I said at the beginning, all the Apple fans will have taken their hands to the head because its founder would not have wanted this in his lifetime. Although times are changing and the company is adapting to them. They started with making bigger screens and now it may be time to introduce an Apple Pencil with the 2019 iPhone.

Do you think it will come to that? Leave us in the comment box what you think about it.

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