iMyFone Umate Pro, securely deletes files from iPhone

Managing storage space on iOS devices is an important issue that is often overlooked. Removing temporary files, caches, and other useless files can help our devices run more smoothly, and today we want to talk to you about software that can handle these kinds of tasks: iMyFone Umate Pro .

The application is presented as an all-in-one to free up storage space on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as having security features that allow files to be securely deleted and prevented from being recovered with applications such as the D-Back we spoke about recently.

Delete files and improve privacy on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iMyFone Umate Pro, securely deletes files from iPhone
iMyFone Umate Pro, securely deletes files from iPhone

Umate Pro is divided into five different functions :

  • 1 Click to free space: in this function the software scans the entire internal memory of the iOS device and allows you to delete junk files, temporary files, photos, large files and apps in a few clicks. With this function it is possible to recover many GB occupied by files that you do not need.
  • Clear All Data: This function, as the name implies, clears all data stored in the iOS device. It is similar to a full restore, except that the settings will not be lost.
  • Delete Files – This feature of Umate Pro allows you to permanently delete files that appear to have been deleted from your device. As mentioned above, with D-Back it is possible to recover files that have been deleted, this feature makes it impossible to recover all traces of the device memory.
  • Delete private data: contacts, SMS, WhatsApp conversations… with this function you can delete without leaving any trace this kind of private and personal data from the iOS devices you want.
  • Delete fragmented private data: with the installation and uninstallation of applications and day-to-day use, it is possible that there will be remains in the device’s memory. This takes up storage space on your iDevices and with this feature you can delete them and recover those valuable MB or GB to store content you really care about.

In short, these are the features that iMyfone Umate Pro offers. It’s as simple to use as you’d expect. When accessing each of the sections there is a button that allows you to scan the memory of the device and once the scan is complete it allows you to select the files to be completely deleted . In this way you can do a segmented cleaning and not delete all the data unintentionally.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

The software offers a free trial version for both MacOS and Windows. With it you will be able to try some of its features and see if it is what you need. If it suits your needs you can buy the license that gives you access to the full version of the software.

Privacy is an issue that we should all keep in mind and this software allows us to take a step forward to start becoming aware of it.

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