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iMyFone Space Saver, reclaim storage space on iPhone

iMyFone Umate Space Saver is a software developed with a single goal in mind: to help iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users reclaim storage space on their devices.

Space Saver is able to analyze the memory of iOS devices to determine which files are occupying them and help their owner to delete the ones they don’t really need, and thus recover valuable MB or even GB of storage space.

iMyFone Space Saver, reclaim storage space on iPhone
iMyFone Space Saver, reclaim storage space on iPhone

We can divide the software’s capabilities to help us reclaim storage space into two different parts: files that iOS automatically generates and files that we users create with the usual use of the device.

Clean iOS devices from temporary files and caches

As I said, the first part consists of the files that are automatically generated by iOS. Here we find temporary files, fault logs, caches, etc, etc…

To locate all these files Umate needs to do a small analysis of the internal memory of the devices. Once that analysis is complete the software displays the results of this first section in two sections: junk files and temporary files .

In junk files, it shows error logs, photo caches, temporary download files, user storage files, and iTunes caches. Each of these groups of files appears separately and the software has a button to clean up the group we want.

The second part, temporary files, makes no distinction and by pressing a single button Space Saver is able to clean all these files from our iDevice iOS .

Clean iOS devices from user-created files

The second part of iMyFone Space Saver is composed of all those files that we are creating with the usual use of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and that may be taking up more space than it might seem at first. Specifically, the program divides them into three sections: photos, large files and apps.

In the Photos section the software offers two different options: backup and compression and backup and delete . The first one makes a complete backup of the photos on our device and then applies a compression algorithm to reduce the size of the files without any apparent loss of quality. The second option simply makes a backup of the photos to our computer and completely deletes the photos from the device.

In large files Space Saver shows us all the files stored on our device that have a significant size. This way we can locate files that we may not have known we had and that are taking up a lot of storage space. The best example we can give is the videos, even those recorded directly with the mobile phone that can occupy hundreds of MB even if they are only a few minutes long.

Finally, the apps section allows us to see visually how much each of the apps installed on our iOS devices occupies . This makes it easy to see how much those apps occupy that we have installed “just in case” and that we never use. This way, when we realize, we can easily act and remove them from the software itself.

Download iMyFone Umate Space Saver for Windows and Mac

Undoubtedly Umate is software that can be useful to many users , especially those who are always short of storage space on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The software is available for free as a trial version on the official iMyFone website. With this version it is possible to try some of the features of the application, although it will be necessary to buy a full license in order to use all the functionalities it has.

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