Improve your Mac’s speed with these tricks

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As the years go by, Macs suffer from updates that have been installed over time. It is therefore interesting to recover some of that speed and “revive” our beloved device of the Californian signature.

Remove everything you don’t use

The first step to take is to remove all the software we no longer use from our Mac . In particular, those applications that have been installed on your computer since time immemorial, but have been forgotten over time.

Improve your Mac’s speed with these tricks
Improve your Mac’s speed with these tricks

On the other hand, it would be interesting to delete those files that we no longer use, or if we store excessively large files, the best option is to store them on an external or portable disk .

Install an SSD

Without a doubt, one of the biggest improvements you can make on your old Mac is to install a solid-state drive , because by avoiding traditional drive technology, access speed is infinitely greater. And with this type of disk, you no longer have to worry about defragmenting.

Installing it is very simple, although if you have doubts there are many videos on the Internet that explain it step by step.

Optimize your Mac’s memory

Another problem that seriously affects the speed of your computer is having a large number of processes in the background. Therefore, from the Activity Monitor you can monitor usage from the Memory section .

In addition having many browser tabs open also considerably affects memory usage. That’s why it’s advisable to have those tabs open that we’re spending at that precise moment, otherwise the browser will consume a large part of the RAM memory without us noticing.

Add more RAM

Another great upgrade you can make to your old Apple computer is to add more memory , provided your model supports this upgrade. Not all Macs offer the option of adding more memory. Even so, the best hardware option to invest in our computer, is without a doubt the SSD .

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