Improve your device’s accessibility with Axis, a stylish and functional tweak

One more week we’re back on track from Tuning iOS. For this occasion we bring a tweak that can be more than interesting. How many times have you complained about the tedious process of accessing any feature? Thanks to Axis we now have a number of shortcuts to the applications we have installed, and all from the lock screen. Are you going to miss it?

There are many times when users of an iOS-enabled device complain about the few options they have to give their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a different, functional touch. The reason is Apple’s reluctance to make changes or improvements to an excellent system that is beginning to suffer from the passage of time. A fresh air seems to come from the hand of Jonhy Ive in iOS 7, but that’s just rumors. For now if we want to add improvements and customize our terminal we have no choice but to go to Jailbreak, Cydia and as the Tuning iOS section.

Improve your device’s accessibility with Axis, a stylish and functional tweak
Improve your device’s accessibility with Axis, a stylish and functional tweak

This time we are going to treat a tweak that allows us to access the fast functions of our terminal , something like a power and application control. Its name is Axis and we can find it in Cydia in the BigBoss repository at a price of 1.99 euros.

Similar functions can be obtained with other tweaks or applications on Cydia, some of which have already passed through this section such as SBSettings or LockScreen Toggles. Let’s see, however, what differences Axis brings to the table with respect to the competition.

Firstly, to speak of Axis is to speak of a launcher that runs only and exclusively, in the lock screen and is activated using the camera function shortcut.

The installation process is very simple and does not require any previous steps or configuration, just the appropriate respring once the installation has been executed. It is very easy to use, because by using the grabber of the camera and sliding it to the left will progressively display the shortcuts to the functions and sliding up our finger on any of them will display a new menu with the options.

These options vary depending on what we have previously set up in the section Settings <-> Axis <-> My Axys. At this point there are a series of sections corresponding to each of the five functionalities offered by Axis such as camera, music, news, messaging and telephone .

But as for almost everything in this life, this time there is also a drawback, at least for some users. The problem lies in the use of the access code , which you have to enter every time you want to start an application using Axis . The only exception to this problem is with the grabber of the camera when launching an application.

Otherwise, as you can see, it is a tweak that combines three characteristics: functional, simple and elegant. Against it only two factors; the price of 1.99 euros and the incompatibility with code unlocking. Did you find it interesting ?

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