Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S5

An impression article about the Samsung Galaxy S5 on an Apple blog? Yes, and it’s obvious. Samsung’s flagship is the most direct competitor of the iPhone and along with it shares the glory of being one of the most desired high-end terminals on the market. But if you think that from here on you are only going to hear nonsense and criticism, you are wrong .

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great phone, and it’s an undeniable reality. Not only because of its size but because is the union of all the latest technical features in hardware and software that any terminal would want today . Like the iPhone 5s was months ago or like the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a year ago. If you are curious you can compare the S4 model or with the new S5 in this post from our partners in Andro4All.

Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S5
Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S5

A terminal that in appearance is practically indistinguishable from its two previous models , except for the detail of the size and the finish of the back. Just like an iPhone 5, it is indistinguishable from a 5s if we don’t look at the Home button (or if it’s the gold model).

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is nothing more than the confirmation of a reality: that companies cannot be continually renewing a design when it has been proven to work . That the important thing is what you can do with the terminal. And that a smartphone can do little more technologically in recent years, year after year.

We’ve seen it with the Sony Xperia Z2, we’ve seen it with the iPhone 5s and now with the S5, to name a few examples. This trend started a few years ago and for a long time the changes will always be these: more battery, more speed, better camera, better screen… People lose concept of what it takes to do things and want new models every little bit. It’s crazy and not at all practical for any company.

Dissecting S5

Now let’s talk about some details of the S5 and its new features. One of the most important is the fingerprint sensor that in the first tests has proven to be ineffective , because unlike the iPhone 5s that allows you to put your finger in any position, the S5 requires that the sliding through the sensor (because you have to slide your finger) respects position and even speed.

It allows to record 3 fingers and the fingerprint is used to unlock the terminal but not for purchases on Google Play. It serves to validate online purchases through PayPal and thanks to its development kit could be incorporated by more apps in the future, no doubt an advantage over 5S whose functionality is still limited to two functions and apps can not yet make use of it .

The other addition is the S Health application that allows us to save all the data of our physical activities, collected through the different sensors such as the new heart rate sensor that works very well and with a fast response . In the course of the year, Samsung will publish a development kit that allows other apps or devices to send data to this application to give better functionality.

The 16 megapixel camera and the possibility of video recording at 4K resolution are undoubtedly an interesting addition that already incorporates the new Xperia Z2. Honestly, I don’t see it as practical because watching 4K on a terminal that doesn’t have that resolution doesn’t make sense, apart from the fact that these videos consume enormous capacity and that almost nobody will ever be able to watch them at the resolution at which they were recorded. If Apple incorporated it I would find it equally absurd and I only understand it as an interesting camera for recording independent productions and production companies.

But in everything else, in the end we have the usual: better screen, a little bigger, more battery (about 20% more as promised), better CPU at more speed, latest version of Android (the 4.4.2) and waterproof (eye, because although it is the majority of terminals with this feature do not cover in its warranty breakage for this reason, something ironic). But it is still a simple revision. And it is not a defect, it is a reality as the iPhone 5s is from the 5 with better screen, better CPU, better camera, etc… and the plus of the fingerprint sensor.

Your smartphone, your experience

Our mobile has to be an experience and we always have to look for the one that is more in line with our problems that we want to solve through the terminal. The megahertz, the cores of the CPU or the amount of RAM are unimportant details. What matters is that you like the phone and that its functions satisfy you .

What strikes me most? That the terminal doesn’t jump to 64 bits although I see it as logical because there are no CPUs yet and the Android kernel doesn’t support this architecture yet. That was undoubtedly a coup by Apple that positioned them again ahead of the rest and that in the new 5s or iPad Air and Mini with Retina screen gives them a more than interesting addition with desktop quality apps and superior processing power .

But the fact is that Android, in itself, as a system for everything (that can be put in a mobile as well as a fridge or a car) loses the control that does allow Apple to give a plus of quality in its apps. But that’s something I’ll talk about later, counting on facts and not unfounded opinions, the differences between both systems .

What remains now is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is what it is… . It bothers me a lot to read people saying that the new iPhone is more of the same but then say that the S5 is a “continuist” design. This is absurd. Also in the other sense.

And I am more annoyed by the absurd comparisons we will see in the next days of my CPU is faster than yours or my battery has more milliamps . It doesn’t matter exactly because every system is different, what matters is the experience with the terminal and not the absurd competition of “who has the longest” (the screen). For me it is better an iPhone for my friend a Galaxy. Great.

Let’s accept the reality of the technological market and learn at once to value what it costs to do things and how difficult it is for companies like Samsung, Apple, Sony or any other, to live up to a constant need for renewal when one does not know how to value what it costs .

The many people, hours of work and money that result in a terminal like this S5. I think everyone who has worked on it deserves a little respect beyond the opinion of whether or not you like the result of their work .

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