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Impressions of the Apple Shop at Fnac in Barcelona

Today we went to the Apple Shop of the Fnac del Triangle in Barcelona to get first-hand information about this new store that opens today and represents the first official Apple store in the whole of Spain.

At the extended entrance we explain the layout of the shop, the elements that make it up, the purpose of the shop and we tell you our impressions.

Impressions of the Apple Shop at Fnac in Barcelona
Impressions of the Apple Shop at Fnac in Barcelona

After climbing the staircase that leads to the first floor of the Fnac in the Triangle shopping centre ( framed between Pelayo, Bergara and Pza. Catalunya streets) we will find ourselves face to face with the Apple Shop which is about 8 metres wide and 5 metres long, that is to say, it is small in size but makes the most of the space.

In the store we found two generous tables with different Apple products , many consumer macs, all with internet connection (it was not going very well, we were told that they were still in provisional situation) and I think the whole range of iPods each with a headset connected to listen to their content. Just behind these exhibition tables, we found a counter and some black stools , where we can sit and consult with the employees who are on the other side. Behind the counter the shop is finished off with a black wall with two illuminated apple trees (one on each side) and a projector with product demonstrations, this wall hides inside it more Apple products that are kept there like Airport Express, Magsafe Adapters, keyboards, Mighty Mouse… etc.

The same Fnac employees who are currently providing support to Apple’s people, who still need to polish up the last details of the establishment, can attend to us there, but the idea is that soon Apple will provide new staff who will be one hundred percent in front of the public. One of the Apple staff in charge of the store is Joaquín , with whom we have had the opportunity to talk and he has told us a bit about the general characteristics and the objective of the store .

The store is tasked with providing live demonstrations of Apple products , hosting product training events and introducing a user support hotline , This means that if our Mac breaks down (whether we bought it from Fnac or not) we can go to the Apple Shop and the Apple staff will take the first look at it, evaluate it and see if there is no alternative but to take it in for repair, i.e. in the style of “Genius Bar” . We will also be able to ask them any questions we may have about any Apple product and they will even assist us by demonstrating live the same products they have on display there. He told us that the store is targeting consumer products , we didn’t see any Mac Pro, nor any more professional software products such as Aperture, Final Cut or Apple Remote Desktop, all we have are iLife, iWork, Mac subscriptions , etc.

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Although we don’t have official confirmation, it seems that this is the first of several more shops that will open soon all over Spain so we will keep you informed as we receive new data. What Joaquin has assured us is that being an Apple store, the reception of products will be direct , that is to say that after the presentation of a new product they will have stock immediately.

Finally, the impression I got from the shop is very good. While there is always a lot of expectation for Apple products at Fnac, the movement around the Apple Shop was very strong today, and they have removed almost all of the machine products to concentrate them in the new Apple Shop. I loved the store’s objective: to show consumer products, I was thrilled that they offer a personalized after-sales service and that they take care of the user with product demonstrations. I love the aesthetics of the site that matches the lines seen in any Apple Store. If I had to criticize some aspect of them I can only think of three small details that I didn’t like: First, the mass of products on the tables is quite high, you almost hit the elbows with the one next to you. Second, I was surprised to see the Fnac employees attending to the staff as if they were Apple employees and I was more reassured when they assured me that this is temporary and that more members specialising in Apple products will soon be joining in. Finally, approximately 40 square meters , let’s not fool ourselves, although well used they are scarce and I think they could have made a little bigger store with more sections and perhaps give more room to the professional sector.


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