Impressions of an iPhone 6 User

As soon as Apple launched the new iPhone 6, the user bought the phone, to replace his old iPhone 5. The new iPhone has so far been his flagship phone , the one he carries around with him every day for his everyday tasks. A week ago, this user bought a Samsung Galaxy S6, as a replacement for an existing Nexus 5. After using the two handsets, he wanted to offer the impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 from a regular iPhone 6 user .

The new Samsung flagship is available with a data plan from $199 and the Samsung Galxy S6 Edge, with a curved screen, from $100 also with an operator data plan. This difference could decide the balance in favor of one of the terminals by future users.

The Screen

Impressions of an iPhone 6 User
Impressions of an iPhone 6 User

The colours reproduced on the screen of the new Galaxy S6 are truly impressive. After using a variety of different devices, the best display may be the one on a Samsung mobile phone. Its 5.1-inch AMOLED offers 2560 x 1440 resolution at 577 ppi, is its great weapon. Even in direct sunlight, it looks really good.

Although the screen of Apple’s iPhone 6 is really good, it can’t compare to the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Both are perfect for video playback , but the Samsung’s 5.1 inches and better screen resolution give it a winning edge.

The Design

Samsung has not usually hit the nail on the head with its terminal design . The Galaxy S4 had an awful shiny plastic, the Note 3 imitation leather, the Galaxy S5 with its perforated back was not one of the best designs either. The new Galaxy S6 integrates very well two very different materials , such as plastic and glass. This is probably the best design Samsung has ever obtained for one of its terminals. In addition, it has 32GB of storage that cannot be expanded with a MicroSD card and it is not possible for the user to remove the battery.

The truth is that there is a great similarity in the design of the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 , but the longer battery life may have made us choose the Samsung mobile.

The Chamber

After the user has used a large number of Android devices, any camera with superior performance will impose itself on the user. The photos of the Moto X were really disastrous, as was the camera on the Nexus 5, its Achilles’ heel. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is really good and the software that comes with it is also powerful . You can capture great images with this terminal. The camera of the iPhone 6 is really great and allows you to take great pictures in low light environments . Although you wouldn’t know which of these two cameras to choose, it’s fair to say that the mobile phone on the block has come up against a tough competitor.

Software and Footprint Sensor

One of the biggest reasons that always led our user to use Nexus phones, was the skin that Samsung put on their devices. In fact, the previous versions of TouchWiz were full of unnecessary apps and functionalities , which ended up not being used. Although the new Galaxy S6 has Samsung’s skin, it’s much cleaner than previous versions and everything is much more organised.

One of the best features that Samsung has introduced in its Galaxy S6 is the Quick Access Camera feature . Simply double-tap the home button to access it. This quick function is already a standard feature of iOS. There is no clear winner between the new iOS 8 and Samsung’s TouchWiz , both are really good and work very smoothly. The new Samsung fingerprint sensor works well , as does the Apple Touch ID. This feature is, nowadays, a must in any high-end terminal and in these two mobiles the functionality is fantastic.

Final conclusion

After a few days with the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is possible to say that is a great alternative to the iPhone 6 . If you are not a fan of Android or Apple, you should check out these two products to tell you about one or the other, as they are the best you will find on the market today.

Here you can enjoy a speed comparison between an iPhone 6 and a Galaxy S6:

https:/youtu.beAdDuH5xQhHEDafter receiving the impressions that an iPhone 6 user has had about a Samsung Galaxy S6 , that we have seen in Gotta Be MOBILE, we draw a clear conclusion. If you’re in the Apple world and its ecosystem will cost you change to Android, although stranger things have been seen. Are you a fan of Apple or Android?

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