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Impostor steals several iPhones from an Apple store in New York

One of Apple’s top rated products is without a doubt the iPhone. These devices have always been characterized by their good performance. This quality has given Cupertino’s devices a good reputation and sales prices that not everyone can afford.

The iPhone, one of the main targets of thieves

One of the most striking features of an Apple Store, apart from the design and theme of the establishment, is undoubtedly the clothing of the employees themselves. And that is because the blue T-shirt with the Apple logo on the left side becomes the main target if you want to ask something in the official apple store.

Impostor steals several iPhones from an Apple store in New York
Impostor steals several iPhones from an Apple store in New York

As the title says, a group of thieves posed as store employees in order to gain access to the store’s rear warehouse and steal several iPhones, worth about 14,000 euros.

This is not the first time that an Apple Store has suffered an incident of this kind, as a few months ago there was another theft in a warehouse with losses of 44,000 euros in stolen goods. On the other hand, a few years ago in Paris, one of the biggest robberies that have taken place in an official store of the Californian firm took place.

It should be noted that currently the New York police are investigating this theft , and it is not yet known whether the perpetrators were wearing official T-shirts or were simply copies. It is also not known whether there is a link between the two robberies that have occurred this year.

Security and surveillance at the Apple Store

We do not know what security measures will be adopted by the North American company to avoid such incidents. Perhaps the solution lies in improving surveillance in its official stores, or perhaps on the other hand the firm will decide to improve the authentication of clothing. How will Apple act on these incidents?

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