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important for the small ones and also for the big companies

With yesterday’s update of the iPod touch after four years of the latest generation, the device is once again on everyone’s lips. Many wonder what the point of this device is given its dimensions and absence of certain specifications such as Touch ID. The truth is that the iPod touch has very different uses from each other . From being a cheap device for children to being the main tool of a store’s sales team.

iPod touch: entertainment and education for the little ones

Traditional physical home button, without Touch ID or haptic engine inside. Also no reduced frames thanks to Face ID integration or a larger screen. The only hardware improvements Apple has made, in appearance, to the seventh generation of iPod touch is the new A10 Fusion processor and the 256GB storage option.

important for the small ones and also for the big companies
important for the small ones and also for the big companies

Hardware innovations may seem small, but contains part of the meaning of the device . According to Apple, it offers twice the performance and three times the graphics speed. For the company, the highlight is that it is capable of supporting group FaceTime calls and augmented reality experiences, as can be seen in their press release.

On AppleNew iPod touch: Now Performing More Than Ever with the A10 Fusion and Up to Twice as Much Storage

Both functions are designed for the children of the house and those who would buy it: their parents . In countries like the USA where Apple products are widely used, it is common to communicate via FaceTime. iOS 12 introduced group calls for up to 32 people, a high number that comes perfect for coordinating children’s sports teams.

Augmented reality has been pushed by Apple for some time now, especially with the launch of the iPad 2018. For this, it uses educational apps that allow the student to learn in an interactive way : dissection of frogs, pictures and rivers. The A10 Fusion chip (the same as the iPhone 7) plays a key role here, as currently a minimum of one A9 chip is required.

The iPod touch is the entry device to a very rich, private and secure ecosystem at an unbeatable price

We can’t forget that the iPod touch also has access to the rest of the entertainment services of the Bite Block. Messages, Apple Music, Podcasts, iBooks , in addition to everything offered by the App Store in the form of games of all kinds, social networks and a long etcetera. And this fall we have Apple Arcade and Apple TV+, two additional entertainment services.

The iPod touch is the “gateway” device to the iOS ecosystem. One where parents can manage its use thanks to the parental controls that already exist in the system. All this at a very attractive price of 239 euros , in offers it will not be strange to find it around 200 euros in a few months. But this is not the only potential of the iPod touch.

iPod touch in business: from restaurants to clothing stores

A lesser-known aspect of iPod touch is that it is an essential tool in some companies working with the public. They are difficult to recognize because they are wrapped in an “armor” that expands their powers depending on the environment in which they are used.

In this video we can see how a fifth generation iPod touch is placed in one of these frames . This gives you more battery (removable), drop protection and a barcode reader. There is a whole universe of this type of “sleds”, by its English name:

  • Models like Honeywell’s that provide protection and battery.
  • Barcode and RFID scanning in gun mode.
  • Others with a card reader to be charged in stores.

Zara is the best known company that uses iPod touch among its employees, one with a protective frame with extra battery. With them, their employees no longer waste time searching for sizes and products in the warehouse without being sure that there is stock. You can also sign up for online order picking.

These uses are found in some restaurants, which use them to take orders. Even Apple uses them in its stores to pay for new products. And some of these cases make it possible to use the iPod touch in internal stock management and other functions in the company.

At Apple this iOS 13 concept has everything we expect from the WWDC19: iPad desktop features, new apps and more

All these uses are reinforced by specific software for each case, which limits and speeds up their use by employees. An aspect that Apple works with IBM corporate apps, among other Cupertino’s partners.

As you can see, the iPod touch is much more than a trimmed iPhone . It is a much more affordable way to access the potential of iOS and its entire ecosystem, which appeals to both families and corporate environments . It may be far from the bestseller that was the player of yesteryear, but it certainly makes a significant contribution to the company.

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