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iMovie, now also for iPad

iMovie para iOS
GarageBand for iPad left us all with our mouths open, but the new version of iMovie for iOS compatible not only with iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation but also with iPad 2 is no less. iMovie para iPhone 4, edición de vídeo en la palma de la mano

Editing HD video has never been easier.

iMovie, now also for iPad
iMovie, now also for iPad

The new iMovie features three new themes for a total of eight styles with their own transitions, titles, and soundtrack; the ability to integrate our photos with the Ken Burns transition (which uses face detection to reframe images during panning so that no face is cut off); and new gestures to extend the timeline to edit a part accurately or to zoom in and out quickly.

Another area where the application has improved considerably is in the sound section, now with the ability to add audio effects (over 50 available) and recordings made with the microphone of our iPhone 4 or iPad 2. This is no longer a simple toy as in the previous version, it is a done and right application.

iMovie for iOS allows us to share our final projects directly via sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or CNN iReport, upload them to our MobileMe gallery, or view them on the living room screen via AirPlay by streaming with Apple TV. We can even transfer our iMovie projects between different devices with iOS , so we can record a video and start editing it with the iPhone and then finish it on the iPad.

It is expected to be launched next week to coincide with the arrival of the new iPad in US stores. As usual, if you already have the current version you will not have to pay for it again despite its considerable improvements. In any case, its price is just as aggressive as GarageBand’s, 3.99 euros , which makes it a must buy for all those who dream of bringing out the Spielberg inside.

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