iMessages for Business is now in beta with iOS 11.3

Instant messaging such as iMessages , is the new way to communicate with companies.

We’ve already seen this movement with social networking, as well as applications of the caliber of WhatsApp, where it also signed up for the cart, but it’s not the only one.

iMessages for Business is now in beta with iOS 11.3
iMessages for Business is now in beta with iOS 11.3

Apple with iMessages is also betting on this new contact method with the arrival of iOS 11.3, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and watchOS 4.3

It is true that it is still not very common to make a query through some instant messaging program , but each time, the number of clients increases to make a query.

If we look at it closely, it is much more comfortable and simple than calling a switchboard and being on hold for several minutes. With a message, you can perform other actions and not “waste” time waiting.

If we consult a business through Apple Maps , we will see that in the information section, some will have an icon similar to iMessage . This means that if we click on it, we will automatically have a direct link to the business.

It’s that simple, without having to save the number or check if they can help us through any messaging app. All this is linked directly from Apple Maps . The interesting thing is that we can send a message through macOS, iOS or even the Apple Watch, as they say in iDropnews .

However, in order to access this feature, we need to have the latest versions of the operating systems on our devices. Of course, also that the business itself accepts this type of contact.

Today, not many businesses have made the jump to iMessages , but it is expected to expand in the coming weeks. We insist that it is in a beta phase.

What do you think of this new way of contacting companies and businesses? Have you used this type of communication with any other instant messaging application?

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