iMessage’s arrival in Android could become a reality

This week the renowned writer of the Daring Fireball column on Apple themes, John Gruber said that since Cupertino there have been models with the design of what could be iMessage for Android.

According to sources Gruber did not want to mention, the concepts have had various user interface designs, including Google’s Design Material. Let’s remember that until now iMessage is an application for sending messages, photos, images and documents and recently Shazam lyrics, exclusive for Apple devices, including iOS and MacOS.

Will iMessage make it to Android?

iMessage’s arrival in Android could become a reality
iMessage’s arrival in Android could become a reality

Gruber warned that despite the evidence circulating about the possibility of iMessage for Android, there is no likely reason to ensure that iMessage on Android will become a reality , at least not at this time.

The columnist’s assertion is based on similar events that occurred in the past, when Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, promised in 2010 that video chat, FaceTime would become an open standard, available for other platforms and integration services. Which never happened.

Despite Jobs’ intentions, Apple’s FaceTime remains exclusive for a variety of reasons, including engineering concerns, and a VirnetX patent infringement lawsuit that forced the company to develop alternative solutions.

Apple Applications on Android

In June of this year, in what finally turned out to be a false rumor, it was alleged that Apple was planning its iMessage for Android debut at its annual World Developer Conference in June.

While it is true that most of the applications developed by Apple only work on devices in the ecosystem with iOS and macOS, it is also true that there have been a few exceptions, such as the one made this year by the Bitten Apple company with its Apple Music subscription service.

Are you one of those who think this is just a rumor or is it another step by Apple towards other operating systems?

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