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Imagination Technologies showcases its new GPUs

Imagination Technologies announced yesterday the new generation of Series6XT GPUs, which represents the successor to the current Series6 used in the current A7 (which features the quad-core G6430 and whose first benchmarks appeared with the iPad Air) that uses the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and its Retina version.

The Series6XT, increases its performance by 50% over previous generations , and has a GX6450, which aims to be the next chips that Apple includes in the new Apple A8 chip. Despite this, the usual time needed to process licenses and get them to market suggests that we will see them launched to the general public by the second half of 2015.

Imagination Technologies showcases its new GPUs
Imagination Technologies showcases its new GPUs

It is not the first time that Apple would use PowerVR chips in its iOS devices , since these were used in the original iPhone (now obsolete), back in 2007, and for which it has been a major investor in the company for some time, reaching a stake in the company of almost 10% in mid-2009.

Once again, Apple does not want to be left behind in the development of its devices, seeking to use the latest technology and the latest models available in the market.

Will we see these new chips in Apple’s processors? As most of the time with Cupertino’s company issues, there is only one thing we can do to know the answer: wait .

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