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Images of early iPad prototypes and Jonathan Ive’s testimony in the Samsung trial are leaked [Updated with new images]

When Apple introduced the iPad in 2010 and some luminaries defined it as a “big iPhone”, Steve made an interesting revelation: in any case, the iPhone was a small iPad. The company began development of its tablet at the beginning of the past decade and it wasn’t until 2005 with the failure of Motorola’s joint effort with ROKR that Apple decided that it should give priority to the iPhone, taking advantage of much of its previous research.

Now, for the first time, we can take a look at that first prototype thanks to the images extracted from the documentation presented by Apple in its trial against Samsung for the design of the iPad copied (or not, depending on the trial and the country we’re talking about) by the Galaxy Tab. Along with this documentation, the affidavit by Jonathan Ive from December 2011 has also come to light, in which we also discovered some new things about the development of the tablet.

Images of early iPad prototypes and Jonathan Ive’s testimony in the Samsung trial are leaked [Updated with new images]
Images of early iPad prototypes and Jonathan Ive’s testimony in the Samsung trial are leaked [Updated with new images]

During the statement, Ive refers to this model or prototype as 035 , responding as follows when asked to place it in a time frame:

It appears that Ive did not create the design for this prototype, although its similarities to the original MacBook and its predecessor, the iBook, still point to it as the inspiration for the design. When asked if he worked directly on the design of the 035 tablet, Ive answers:

Ive was then asked about any other tablet design they created before March 2004 that would fit better with patent 889 than 035 (889 is the patent for the iPad used by Apple in the Samsung trial).

So, what did the mysterious 035 prototype look like, and how much does it resemble the iPad that would finally go on sale two and a half years ago? Here it is. As I said, a sort of mix between a MacBook with no keyboard, with some touches of the original iPod (including what appears to be the 30-pin connector) and a screen that’s surprisingly similar to that of the iPhone or iPad except for the absence of the now ubiquitous Home button.

In 2002-2004 they were still not clear that to use a tablet you had to turn it on first

In addition to all this, it is also worth mentioning that although Apple is being quite successful in the U.S. in its crusade against Samsung, the parallel trial in the U.K. has given the victory to the Korean manufacturer, and although its tablets are not that cool in the eyes of the law, Apple will have to publish a notice on its English website informing that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad . The apple company will have to maintain the ad for six months, and will also have to place an ad with this same message in various UK newspapers and magazines to repair any damage it may have caused. My proposal would be an image similar to this one followed by the legend: Samsung did not copy us ;P

Update: Added four new photos, this time in color, comparing iPad 2 with prototype 035 from ten years ago. The last picture is particularly interesting since it shows a perimeter ventilation system hidden in the screen frame reminiscent of the one used by Microsoft in the x86 version of Surface.

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