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images of a so-called iPhone X “Blush Gold” appear

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Ben Geskin, who often filters out images of devices not yet on the market, has shown through his Twitter photos of what is supposed to be a iPhone X in pink . Under the model name D21A, this new shade of pink would be called “Blush Gold”. It would differ from the pearl color of iPhone 8, have gold metal edges, and be a unique finish to iPhone X.

images of a so-called iPhone X “Blush Gold” appearimages of a so-called iPhone X “Blush Gold” appear

These are rumors that some media don’t have much confidence in, although Apple has already experimented with launching a new color for an iPhone that has already been released with the iPhone 7 Product (RED). In fact that model was launched at the end of March last year, to be removed from stores just before the launch of the iPhone 8 in September.

Ben claims in his tweet that this iPhone X ‘Blush Gold’ is already in production , and that the model had been reserved for later release. At the same time he also states that even if the phone is real, at Apple they are always in time to cancel the project. So we may see it soon, or we may never see it.

Interestingly, the iPhone X is wrapped up in rumors about the end of its mass production as early as this summer. So if this model is launched, it may be launched in a very limited way. Collectors, better watch out.

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