iFOREX, the foreign exchange market in the palm of your hand

In case you are not familiar with the term, Forex is the abbreviation for foreign exchange , which is used to describe currency exchange in the foreign exchange market by both companies and individuals. From some time to this part this activity has become really popular and due to the fluctuation of this market managing it in our portable devices is more and more essential. This is where iFOREX comes in, an application that will allow us to control the different markets with great ease .

To manage the different financial markets, among which we will have access to more than 80 currency pairs, commodities and indexes, the design of the application is key. This is why iFOREX has a simple interface , designed to make the most of the screen size and aimed at both beginners and advanced users.

iFOREX, the foreign exchange market in the palm of your hand
iFOREX, the foreign exchange market in the palm of your hand

A customizable design that allows the application to be adapted to each user and not the other way around. But as much as it may seem, since simplicity is often synonymous with lack of potential, this trend in the interface does not make you give up a lot of available options .

Among these options, the graphics, an indispensable tool in this type of application, stand out, allowing for adaptation to multiple deadlines. Direct access to the balance sheet, equity and history are other options that iFOREX offers as a differential point. In addition, and going into more advanced options, the numerous limit orders to control the portfolio and the customizable leverage of up to 400:1 will allow you to control the market in detail.

As I said before, whether you are an expert user or want to enter the world of Forex, iFOREX is the right application, putting the forex market in the palm of your hand without giving up all the options of the desktop versions. All the potential of the forex market in a few touches.

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