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iFixit’s documentary of the iPhone X countdown to quartering

iFixit is certainly the world’s best known repair company for gadgets, manuals and electronic components. Located in San Luis Obispo, a small town in California just two hundred miles from Cupertino, it prepares each year for the launch of a new iPhone . What we didn’t know until now is all the effort behind one of their famous teardowns .

The Pilgrimage to Australia in Search of iPhone X

Motherboard has just published a documentary about iFixit and the iPhone X quartering a few days ago. You can watch the full video below:

iFixit’s documentary of the iPhone X countdown to quartering
iFixit’s documentary of the iPhone X countdown to quartering

In it, iFixit tells us what the whole process is like to get inside an iPhone. In this case, it is the iPhone X that was launched last November 3rd and for which they had to travel to Australia.

Australia is the first country in the world to release iPhone X, which is why iFixit went there

The reason why a team from the company went to Australia is this: it is the country where the terminal is first put up for sale worldwide. Just as with the opening of a new year, while in Spain we are with the bells, the Australians have been several hours in the new year.

Of course, the company needs to get hold of one of the first terminals to be put up for sale. For the iPhone X, they managed to be second on the waiting list on November 3rd . Something that should not be easy.

iFixit’s CEO, Kyle Wiens, says that in the event of an unforeseen event and they were not to receive a terminal, he was prepared “several thousand Australian dollars” to purchase it from the user who had received one at that time. Because , the company has a lot at stake with each launch , because getting one can make the difference between being the first to make the cut or not.

Photos and X-rays of a terminal built like a Swiss clock

The documentary gives interesting insights into the iPhone X. Once iFixit gets its hands on it, the cutting procedure begins . It will take just over 10 hours, during which time it will be completely dismantled and each step and component photographed.

To do this, they went to an Australian electronics manufacturer located very close to the Apple Store where they purchased the iPhone X. A facility from which they can use X-rays to view the inside of the chips and parts of the terminal.

According to Wiens, the iPhone X is amazing because of the level of precision , density of electronic components and scale at which it is produced. It is the first iPhone to have a double L-shaped battery. At one point, he compares it to a Swiss watch with the difference that the Apple smartphone is made to a scale of hundreds or thousands of times more in much less time.

iFixit is one of the major players in pushing for legislation in the US on the right to redress
iFixit se adentra en el iPhone 8 y confirma algunas especificaciones que quedaban pendientes.

iFixit is a company whose business model lies in the sale of repair kits in conjunction with its manuals, which are published free of charge on the website. With the increasing integration of consumer electronics products and the decline of its “reparability” score, the company has advocated for a pro-repair legislation in the USA.

In this regard, Apple products have received very low repair scores for iFixit . The controversy over the battery management of some iPhones gave impetus to this initiative, which is opposed by several electronics companies, including Apple.

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