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iFixit unmounts new iPad mini


These from iFixit don’t stop. Today the iPad mini was launched and of course, you had to take the tablet and take apart all its insides to see what engineering exercise the Cupertino experts had done to be able to fit what they had devised for a ten-inch terminal into a seven-inch one. And from the looks of it, they didn’t do anything wrong

iFixit unmounts new iPad mini
iFixit unmounts new iPad mini

The efforts to unmount the iPad mini have been the usual ones: Apple does not make it easy for an inexperienced person to unmount the device. Adhesive to heat, hidden screws to find… the guys at iFixit have had to fight, in fact, against the smallest screws they’ve ever seen in an Apple device . The good news is that the touch sensor and the screen are separate components, so it can be repaired “easily”. Notice the quotes, because iFixit gives the iPad mini a 2 out of 10 repairability. The battery is also not soldered, and thanks to the space saved with the Lightning connector the terminal has stereo speakers.

The conclusion you draw when you see all the pieces of the iPad scattered on a table is simply that the iPad mini is a miniature iPad 2. Literally. All of its components are a miniaturised version of the original, including the A5 and 512MB of RAM. And that must have taken a lot of work by the engineering teams at Apple. By the way: it seems that the iPad mini panel is still made by Samsung .

One last curiosity in video mode: the multi-touch sensor working separately from the screen. It’s not something you see every day:


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