iFixit shows us what the interior of iMac Pro looks like

iFixt disassembles everything that comes to market, and this time it has touched the iMac Pro to be completely dismantled to see the parts it has and as they are placed inside. The iMac is so easy to dismantle that in 17 steps you can have all the pieces separated on one side, even if you never play with them, and better leave it to a technician, because we are talking about a lot of money if we mess up when dismantling it for anything.

The most remarkable thing we see is something we already knew and that we hope will continue to exploit in the future, which is the RAM memory modula r. That is, it is very easy to remove the one we have installed and put another one of greater capacity for example, being a simple process.

iFixit shows us what the interior of iMac Pro looks like
iFixit shows us what the interior of iMac Pro looks like

This is the first step towards having Apple signature upgradeable computers, as we can see in a Windows tower, which can be changed relatively easily. Although there is a difference, in the towers we can make the change ourselves, but in this kind of iMac it must always be done by an authorized technician, or at least it is recommended, because the tape that joins the screen with the body must be replaced so that it is perfect , and that is why it is better that it is done by someone qualified.

That you can replace the RAM and other components we hope to see in a future Mac Pro that has already been confirmed, especially I emphasize the “other components”, because in this iMac Pro the only thing that can be replaced is the RAM, because everything else can not be updated as the GPU that is soldered to the motherboard or the CPU that according to Apple is not replaceable.

That’s why, choose well your specifications that you require since in the future in this computer you will only be able to change the RAM although it is an advance, since in previous models you could not change anything.

Continuing with the exploded view we find two slots for SSD memories and a 5K screen that looks extremely good. The interior is as we’ve been used to since Apple, all very tidy and very conservative without being able to make much aesthetic change, but we hope that the Mac Pro will totally revolutionise this field.

If you want to see more pictures or the different steps to dismantle it do not hesitate to enter the website of iFixt where we have taken these photographs that you will find here.

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