If you’ve run out of iPhone X, you still have a chance

The launch of the iPhone X has been a success , both in the online reservations and in the physical Apple Store units.

It is currently out of stock everywhere, where the wait to receive it is quite long or even with undetermined dates.

If you’ve run out of iPhone X, you still have a chance
If you’ve run out of iPhone X, you still have a chance

Luckily, we have found stock in Yoigo , if you are quick, you can receive it in two or three days at the latest, as well as receiving a discount of up to 150 euros.

We have contacted Yoigo, where they say they currently have stock of both space grey and silver, although only 64 Gigas in storage at the moment.

To qualify for one of the Apple terminals offered by Yoigo, you can do so from their website. The 64-Gigas iPhone X currently costs 30 euros per month, with a total price of 919 euros. There we save about 150 euros in total approximately.

Although the website says that you can’t pay in instalments , we have contacted you by phone and you have confirmed that you can pay in instalments . If we are customers, we just have to check our data.

For non-customers, we would need to provide a number of documents, such as our income, ID card and bank account. From that moment, we should receive it in 2 or 3 days.


The stock of the new iPhone X 256 Gigas is not known when it will be available, but if you usually use iCloud Drive or some additional cloud, it will not be a problem to choose the 64 Gigas, because where we will occupy more space will be with the photos and videos that we make.

A good opportunity to have the iPhone X without waiting up to 4 weeks and where we will get considerable savings from our iPhone X.

What do you think of the price of the new Apple terminal at Yoigo? Will you buy it?

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