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If you’re from Yoigo, maybe you don’t like his new conditions too much

If you are from Yoigo, you might want to check out this article, as you might prefer to change companies after reading and learning about the changes that the phone company intends to impose in less than a month.

After being absorbed by MásMóvil, Yoigo has decided to change to start the new year.

If you’re from Yoigo, maybe you don’t like his new conditions too muchIf you’re from Yoigo, maybe you don’t like his new conditions too much

First of all, and what for many people is a big problem, is the change of coverage, from Movistar to Orange. There are many users who were in this company because the coverage never or almost never failed them.

Movistar coverage is famous for being found even in the most remote villages in Spain, or in areas that other companies do not reach.

This change is accompanied by the renewal of the conditions of the contracts , which will be effective from 16 February for new customers, and for existing customers on 16 March

The worst news for many of you: Iigo will not allow tethering

In this day and age, who among you has not used the Tethering service at some time? I would dare say that almost all of you, and I include myself, have used it.

For those of you who don’t know, tethering is a method with which we can share the internet on our iPhone or smartphone with others, or even with computers. It is a very comfortable system to be able to navigate on your laptop using your data rate.

In the new conditions , the company sets out the following:

In the event that this service is used without permission, the company may take technical, economic or legal measures . They may reduce your speed to 16kbps, monitor data traffic or change your Yoigo tariff.

Captured streaming, network improvements and other changes.

With regard to the quality of the service they offer, they have made the following statement:

Optimized resolution and speed will be provided for the consumption of multimedia services on mobile devices (approx. 480p, 500 Kbps) in order to ensure the quality of the Internet access service”.

In other words, it’s the same thing. Playback at 480p, using a maximum bandwidth of 500Kbps.

Another important change, according to MobileZone colleagues, is the fact that the network cannot be changed manually . Also the limitation of calls to one and a half or six hours in case of calling more numbers.

We assume what most mobile operator users think, and it must not be good. With this move, and I’m inclined to think that the main reason will be the tethering issue, many customers will make portability to companies that continue to provide them with the services they require.

You’re from Yoigo? What do you think of the new measures they’re going to take in just a month? We want to know your opinion and how you feel after knowing the news.