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If you wrote ‘Taiwan’ or used the emoji on its flag, your iPhone would stop responding

Bugs in iOS keep popping up and every few days we find a new security flaw in our device that in some cases creates a lot of headaches. On this occasion, many users had reported a bug related to the word ‘Taiwan’ and also to the emoji of the Taiwanese flag that left the iPhone totally blocked, something that has already been solved.

The explanation for this ruling has been based on the restrictions imposed by certain governments on technology products that are intended to be sold in their countries. One of these countries is China, which forces the censorship of a multitude of contents such as words.

If you wrote ‘Taiwan’ or used the emoji on its flag, your iPhone would stop responding
If you wrote ‘Taiwan’ or used the emoji on its flag, your iPhone would stop responding

One of the aspects that forces the Chinese government to censor is the independence of Taiwan since it is currently under the administration of the Republic of China, so “it is logical” that the government does not want its inhabitants to have too much information on the subject. This is obviously illogical in a democratic country, but we are talking about a rather peculiar country.

But this censorship got out of hand to Apple who made a huge mistake at least until iOS 11.4 as reported by researcher Patrick Wardle. According to this analyst, when writing Taiwan or even trying to use the emoji of the Taiwanese flag, in any application, the device in question was blocked.

When we wrote the name of the country or its flag the iPhone would return a “null” message , leaving the device totally hanging, instead of responding with another symbol censoring the word and the emoji. If you have experienced this problem, the solution is to change the region of the mobile phone from the United States to China and then back to the United States.

This bug has already been fully fixed in iOS 11.4.1, but if you have a friend with iOS 11.4 it will still affect him if you send him the word “Taiwan” , which we do not recommend because the anger will be secured.

Although this solution is already present in iOS 11.4.1, Apple has taken too long to release it to all users since this bug has been in iOS for more than two years , as reported by Patrick Wardle.

Now that the bug has been fixed, you can talk about this country without problems, but in China they can forget about it because they will still get the famous “tofus”.

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