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If you have an iPhone X with a Qualcomm modem, congratulations

Apple decided to incorporate two types of modem on its iPhone X , one from Qualcomm and one from Intel. The difference is that Qualcomm’s modems are 67% faster on LTE.

In the United States, China, India and Australia, they enjoy Qualcomm’s modem , while the rest of the world uses Intel.

If you have an iPhone X with a Qualcomm modem, congratulationsIf you have an iPhone X with a Qualcomm modem, congratulations

Between the two modems, there is a considerable price difference, with Intel’s being cheaper than those produced by Qualcomm .

iPhone X with a Qualcomm modem , has better LTE performance, specifically 67% faster compared to Intel.

To differentiate the models, Qualcomm’s models are differentiated by the number A1865 . This model is the one sold in the United States.

In Europe and other countries, we have the Intel modem for the iPhone X, the model number is A1901 .

The performance tests were carried out with a download speed of 195 Mbps with a 20MHz operator. In this case, the iPhone X with an Intel modem, dropped quickly in speed.

Qualcomm’s model stood up better to tests with low or very weak signal. Specifically with signals below 120dBm and with a result of up to 67% faster compared to Intel .

Currently, the Intel modem installed in the iPhone X, does not support the antennas MIMO 4×4 or LAA , where some operators in the United States are starting to work with this system to create Gigabit LTE networks.

While the Qualcomm modem with the X16 model (installed on new iPhones) does support these 4×4 MIMO antennas, it is currently disabled for both iPhone X models.

What modem do you have installed on your iPhone?