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If you have an iMac you should see these accessories (II)

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Alexandra Merino

If you have an iMac you should see these accessories (II)
If you have an iMac you should see these accessories (II)

Posted on March 18, 2017 – 16:00

New delivery of accessories for your iMac. In part one, we show you a series of hubs to make accessibility even more accessible, worth the redundancy.

In this article we will bring you some accessories that are placed in your iMac and have different utilities. Let’s go!

Hard drive support, router…

Accessory shelf

The first accessory we bring you on this stand or shelf to be able to place any accessory, but in a slightly different way. is placed in the iMac itself .

A perfect way to put a second hard drive, your internet provider’s router… You can also put it on the front of the spine of your Apple desktop, to put the keyboard there so that it’s not rolling around on the table.

Made of aluminium , so that it does not clash with the computer and looks like another extension of the desktop.

The price of this accessory is 35 ?, and if you liked it, you can buy it from here.

Give your iMac an extra touch of security

Make your iMac more secure

I can’t imagine what would happen if one day I saw my iMac lying on the floor. Those of us who have pets – and particularly cats – know how curious they are. And if they have to climb on top of your computer to get to their target, they do.

More than once I have had a heart attack when I saw my cat climbing on the iMac, and seeing it wobble a bit.

But for this kind of problems I could find a quite simple solution, although not very economical.

It is a fastening accessory. It’s bolted to your desk top and attached to your iMac. It’s also non-slip, so there’s no problem when you’re older.

Its price is almost 100, there the main against. But if we think about it, what price would you put on it if your iMac didn’t fall down? From this link you can buy it.

Keyboard and trackpad support

Keyboard and trackpad holder

If you want to unify your keyboard and trackpad in the same place, without each being placed on one side, this is your accessory.

It is a small drawer where there is the perfect space to place the keyboard and trackpad. It also has a small wedge shape, so the keyboard will be a bit slanted to make typing better.

Its price is £25 and you can buy it from here

And that’s the second installment of accessories for your iMac. I hope you find it useful and you know, if you buy any of these accessories, tell us in the comments what you thought .

Finally I leave you the links to the articles most similar to this one.

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See you soon!

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