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If you have 20 euros, you have an iPhone XR in your favorite color

With the launch of the new iPhone XR by Apple, the operators are making their bets so that customers can acquire the latest terminal from the Californians for a really competitive price.

The new iPhone XR is getting very good reviews , both from the media that have been able to enjoy it before its release and from the users that have already started messing around with it during this weekend.

If you have 20 euros, you have an iPhone XR in your favorite colorIf you have 20 euros, you have an iPhone XR in your favorite color

Some operators do not offer the new iPhone XR, others allow it to be financed at “x” months without interest and others like Yoigo break the market by offering the latest Apple terminal for only 20 euros per month .

Some operators, such as Yoigo, subsidise part of the terminal in exchange for a stay of at least 24 months at a specific rate . Yoigo is one of the companies that usually offers the least headaches to the customer, so if we are happy with them and with our rate, a 24-month stay may not be a problem.

Yoigo is currently offering the 64 GB model in various colours for the price of 679 euros . We remind you that the official price in an Apple Store is 859 euros as a starting point. This is a considerable saving.

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Today we have been checking how the units have been running out at a really fast pace. Depending on the time of day we visit Yoigo’s terminal section, we will have more possibilities to choose our favourite colour.

The interesting thing about this offer is that we don’t have to pay anything initially to buy the iPhone XR in installments, although we should note two points that are perhaps not so well known :

  • The opening of payment by instalments has a commission of approximately 33 euros which is paid on the first invoice once we receive the terminal.

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  • After 24 months, Yoigo offers us the possibility of financing the remaining amount again for at least 12 more months.

As far as financing is concerned, if after 24 months we want to change our smartphone, we can hand it over to Yoigo and not pay the last instalment, which for this particular model is about 199 euros.

In the case of wanting to keep the iPhone XR , Yoigo will offer us an extension of the financing for an additional 12 months, so we won’t have to make a disbursement all at once when the last month of financing arrives.

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What do you think of this offer from Yoigo? Would you buy the new iPhone XR for 20 euros a month in exchange for a stay?