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If you hate carrying your MacBook charger, this add-on will help

All of us who have a MacBook in our hands to work with have complained at some point about the cable that comes with this equipment and how difficult it can be to transport it from one place to another. If you’re a student like me, you’ll understand that going to the library with your Mac charger can be a torture because it takes up so much space in your backpack or briefcase. Well, that’s all over with an idea we saw today at KickStarter, from an entrepreneur who presented us with a product that is taking all the glances.

Logan Valley has been the ingenious creator of this curious complement that is getting quite a lot of revenue and we hope that Apple will notice the desire we have users to have a method of transporting our MacBook’s charging cable in a more efficient way, since it costs nothing cheap, and should not give us any problems.

If you hate carrying your MacBook charger, this add-on will help
If you hate carrying your MacBook charger, this add-on will help

Logan Valley presented 3 problems that he had with the MacBook charger. The first was that the charger cable was bulky, inflexible and difficult to transport. This made it impossible to put it in a backpack.

The second reason to consider making this invention was the poor ratings from users at the Apple Store Online and the third was the difficulty it presents in keeping it organized inside our backpack. The solution? The Side Winder, a cable winder that reminds me of the ones we use on construction sites or in our gardens to keep the watering canister collected.

This product is simple. We simply place the power transformer in the center, closing it. Then you simply turn a crank so that the cable is collected in one place, taking up very little space and being very easy to transport . To charge the device? Simply pull out the distance you need and the rest will follow. When the computer is loaded we will simply pick it up again. To make it clearer, here is the video that Logan Balley has uploaded, because with words it is complicated.

And of course, we leave you all the information about this product here, in case you want to support it with your contribution or get interested in this product to be very aware of this release. I have loved the idea and I will try to get one as soon as it is on the market. Apple, I hope you learn from this.

All images in this article have been taken from the KickStarter website.

Thank you, Xisco, for passing it on!

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