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If you had to build a smartphone, who would you look at?

In the world of technology, smartphones are taking over the current situation and it seems that this is the only field in which innovation is taking place, although nothing is further from the truth. What I want to comment today, without any desire to say that iPhone or Galaxy are better or worse than the competition, is the quality of their external materials used for their construction. We will see the materials with which these two terminals have been built and the advantages, if any, that they offer us.

For many users of smartphones the operating system is the most important part of the hardwaresoftware binomial. However, for others the external appearance and quality of the materials is really important. All other things being equal, one’s personal taste would come into play, but is the material one has designed with indifferent?

If you had to build a smartphone, who would you look at?
If you had to build a smartphone, who would you look at?

Now we are going to see the most striking characteristics of the materials used for the construction of these smartphones , so that later everyone can draw their own conclusions and opinions about it.

iPhone 5

Starting from the back, the new iPhone incorporates an anodized aluminum metal part , which is also found in the laptops on the block. In addition to the metal, the terminal also incorporates ceramic or pigmented glass inlays, depending on the model, on the upper and lower parts of this panel.

With respect to the camera, the part of the glass that covers the currently renowned iSight is different from the rest of the glass used because this small part that protects it is made of sapphire glass , which is highly resistant to scratches since its hardness is only surpassed by that of diamond.

Its front panel is a solid set of glass, screen and multi-touch panel , something that reduces its thickness and brings us closer to the sensation of touching the images. We can’t forget about its bevelled edges since they give it the appearance of having taken care of those details that make the difference.

Galaxy SIII

The Samsung Galaxy SIII features an HD Super Amoled display with a Gorilla Glass II protective glass , built into the front of the phone only.

The rest of the terminal is made of pure polycarbonate composed of three layers of high resistance and not of lesser quality plastic, something that is present in other products of the company.

The distribution of the connectors along the terminal has seemed to me to be the most successful and comfortable for the user. Its rounded design and the extreme thinness of the terminal makes it very practical and light for daily transport, despite its large 4.8-inch screen.

As you will have seen I do not get into performance fields or software , I simply look at their aesthetic finishes and the quality of the materials . Personally I think the iPhone is more detailed, and not because this is a blog about Apple nor because the Galaxy SIII seems to me a fiasco, but because reasonably if they take more care of those details, something that does not make the difference when buying a terminal or another.

If you’re one of those who only cares about the operating system, or if you love the finish of anything, don’t miss the opportunity to discuss what you think, physically, of the comparison between the two smartphones .

Are you detail-oriented? Are you objective?

Don’t hesitate to express your opinions in the comments!

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