“If Google got the AI right, there’s no quick fix.


Their arguments: if Google, which is a company that has been researching and developing artificial intelligence and data-based assistance algorithms for years, has made the right choice by betting on that AI with Google Assistant, Apple may have the same problem that BlackBerry had in its day when the first iPhone appeared .

“If Google got the AI right, there’s no quick fix.
“If Google got the AI right, there’s no quick fix.

Marco Arment sees possibilities for Apple to be left in the situation left by BlackBerry a few years ago

Arment compares the current situation to precisely the launch of the original iPhone: BlackBerry, which was a titan in phone sales, suddenly found itself lagging behind because Apple had spent years developing a powerful and feature-rich mobile operating system. RIM simply didn’t have time to react in a decent way, with the consequences we all know.

Now this, according to Marco, could be transferred to Apple as long as betting heavily on AI ends up being a success. Because if it happens, suddenly in Cupertino they could be overtaken by a very expert Google and they wouldn’t have time to react quickly. It is enough to ensure the proper functioning of iCloud and continue developing iOS.

It’s not an apocalypse. In short, Arment presents us with an “end of golden age” for Apple where the company can stop growing at the rate it has grown up to now and can stop giving us so many surprises with iOS. In other words, the competition would be much stronger and Cupertino would have to sweat a lot more to be successful. But all that will happen if the AI ends up being a success bet . Will it?

Well, it’s all about seeing it. I’m sure that what Arment has said is already in the minds of all Cupertino’s engineers, and perhaps there is already some secret project that could be the company’s big bet to fight against those assistants. Let’s remember that we should see surprises at the WWDC after last year’s versions of iOS and OS X have put aside novelties to improve their stability and performance.

Who knows, maybe everything will change from iOS 10 onwards to something we don’t know yet. It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple revolutionizes the market, right?

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